2 Ways to Use Infographics in Sales Presentations

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2 Ways to Use Infographics in Sales Presentations

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Storytelling is a powerful part of sales and the best sales presentations tell a great story. And the best way to tell a story? Visually. That’s why infographics are such a great tool to use when making a sales presentation.

Infographics make it easy for your sales team to share your brand’s story in an engaging and powerful way, yet infographics are still vastly underutilized in sales presentations. As you think about the story you want to tell and the data you have available at your fingertips, consider these two ways you could use infographics to help share your story.

1. Data Driven. If your company has a ton of data and stats to share, your best approach is to use a data-driven infographic. In this approach, you typically share a large volume of numbers and information, but you share them in a way so it’s easy to tell the story by highlighting key facts and areas of interest.

In the example to the right you can see how they’ve highlighted the key demographics for Belmont Park attendees. In this situation the rep can easily share the story of how the average attenbelmont-infographicsdee at Belmont has a high level of education and income, facts that may be appealing to current advertisers or potential sponsors. By showing the entire dataset rather than just one slide with a couple key facts, this infographic not only helps to tell the story but also gives the sales rep instant credibility that they have done their research and understand the complete picture of their audience.

If your prospects are buying high involvement or high risk products from you, infographics like these are great to alleviate concerns during the sales process and highlight key data points that make your brand stand out from the competition.

2. Values Driven. On the flip side of the data driven infographic approach, is the values driven one. If your reps tend to make sales based strongly on emotions or if you have less facts and figures available to you, these types of infographics make a great solution.salvation-army-infographics

In the example here you can see that The Salvation Army chose to have just a few key numbers highlighted with more descriptive statements, to create a stronger emotional message with their audience. The addition of images showing people whose lives are made better by the Salvation Army’s work puts a humantouch on the statements below and makes for a powerful and touching story.

If your prospects are buying, donating or investing in your company on more of an emotional level, rather than looking for a hard ROI, this is the type of infographic you should use to tap into their senses and feelings.