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4 Reasons to Use a Sales Engagement Platform

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4 Reasons to Use a Sales Engagement Platform


With a growing focus on sales efficiency (and reps spending just 33% of their time selling) the need of sales organizations to switch to a Sales Engagement Platform is greater than ever. Sales Engagement Platforms with online presentation tools make it easier than ever for reps to quickly build, send and track sales presentations and proposals. But they have other benefits as well.

Why are so many sales teams moving to advanced online presentation and proposal tools? Here are four reasons:

1. The buyer wants to consume information digitally. We’ve all heard the often cited stat that 57% of the purchase decision is complete before a customer even calls a supplier, but what about the fact that 67% of the buyer’s journey is now done digitally? The ramifications are clear; prospects don’t want to engage sales reps until they absolutely have to. This is where the use of online presentation software shines. With an online presentation tool a rep doesn’t need to wait for the customer to make time for a phone call, reps can simply send customized presentation URL to the buyer and the buyer can do the rest on their own.

2. Today’s sales reps must be well informed. The sales rep of today has to be more informed than ever before. Smarter tools and technology means smarter customers and reps need to be armed with information about who the buyer is, what their needs are, what their pain points are and what they care about. This is where real-time analytics offered by Sales Engagement Platforms make a huge difference. With these reports reps can see when a prospect has viewed their presentation, for how long and on what slides they spent the most time. This information is critical in a competitive sales environment where knowledge of the prospect needs is vital.

3. Presentations need to be easy to create. By far the biggest complaint we hear about PowerPoint is the length of time it takes to create a presentation. From finding the content and assets, to building a customized presentation, the process typically takes several hours. On the flip side, sales organizations using an online presentation tool are able give reps the ability to use one definitive and up-to-date master sales deck from which to work from. The use of this deck is instrumental in ensuring it’s easy for reps to quickly create a customized, yet brand compliant and engaging presentation to wow their prospects.

4. Sales reps need to onboard quickly. Sales is a fast-paced industry and the last thing a hungry new sales rep wants to do is spend their time messing around with PowerPoint decks and slides when they want to be out prospecting and selling. Having an up-to-date, shared master sales deck that can easily be accessed and used by a sales rep right away makes for a faster and better onboarding process. With online presentation software used with Sales Enablement Platforms you can give your sales reps access to the sales master presentation on day one and have them begin practicing presentations immediately. And as we all know, the faster the sales onboarding process, the more quickly they can begin selling.