5 Reasons Marketing Pros Love the Digideck Online Presentation Tool

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5 Reasons Marketing Pros Love the  Digideck Online Presentation Tool


The Digideck is an online presentation tool that increases brand consistency, marketing efficiency and sales revenue. Here are the top five reasons marketing pros love to use it in their organization:

1. Master Deck. Have you heard of the phrase “master deck”? (No. Because we made it up.) You’re probably sick of having people within your organization use outdated, unbranded presentations. Our solution? Create a custom-designed master sales deck template tailored to your style and specifications. 

2. Videos. Cutting edge video integration brings your presentation to life, so you don’t have to rely on static slides and flat data. Your organization will leave a *lasting impression on everyone you interact with.
*A good, lasting impression. Not like that one time.

3. URL Sharing. Sharing is easier than ever. Say goodbye to “email is too large to send” bounce-backs and software difficulties. It’s as easy as sending a link that can be viewed on a desktop, laptop or tablet. Are you viewing your presentation on top of Mt. Everest? Mt. Everest has terrible internet connection. But that’s okay. We have a solution for offline users, too. 

4. Infographics. Jealous of your competitor’s beautiful infographics and analytic charts? You should be. Their infographics are awesome and visuals make more powerful presentations. We’ll create and customize similar assets for you. And you can share them within your Digideck, on social media or as live handouts. 

5. Partner. The Digideck Platform acts as your strategist + consultant + creative arm. Want to see for yourself? Submit a request to get a behind-the-scenes look at The Digideck in action. 

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