5 Ways to Increase Brand Consistency in Your Organization

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5 Ways to Increase Brand Consistency in Your Organization

Every marketer struggles with ensuring brand consistency in their organization, particularly B2B marketers who work with dozens, and in some case, hundreds, of sales reps. It is the marketing team’s duty to ensure the brand is protected and integrity is maintained throughout the organization, yet this is often challenging to do when B2B sales increasingly involves a more customized and personalized approach catered to each prospect’s individual needs.

Here are five ways to increase brand consistency in your organization.

1. Have a master sales presentation. Though many organizations have a standard PowerPoint template in place with a branded design, few have a standard sales presentation in place. A master sales presentation is critical to ensure your story is being told in the right way by your sales reps, account managers and other customer-facing employees throughout your organization. Make sure you have a master sales presentation in place with your most updated branding and content (messages, images, videos, GIFs, etc.) and ensure your sales team knows where to find it and is trained on how to use it.

2. Have a library of approved images. Along the lines of your master sales presentation, you’ll want to have a library of approved images available for your internal teams as well as any agencies or partners you hire to use. These should include things like logos, product images, approved customer logos and any marketing photography you own. Having a library of approved images ensures everyone in the organization knows where they need to go if they need to grab an image to use on something. Visuals are key to maintaining your brand as images are processed 60,000x faster in a person’s brain than text.

3. Have a list of approved content. Similar to the above library, you’ll want to have a collection of your approved, updated content readily available and easy for others in your organization to find. This could include corporate overview documents, product spec sheets, customer case studies, white papers, editable letterhead and more. Make sure all the sales reps and other customer-facing teams in your organization know where these items are housed and how to access them.

4. Have a defined email signature. Now pretty standard at most organizations, it’s important to make sure you have a defined email signature that is used by everyone in your company. When new employees are hired make sure IT is setting up their computers prior to their start date with the approved email signature in place. Make sure to constantly audit the use of this signature and remind managers to remind their employees to have it properly in use.  A consistent email signature across your organization will ensure you are viewed as a professional and reputable company.

5. Have documented brand standards. This one is a no-brainer in most B2C organizations but is many times overlooked in B2B companies. Make sure you have a document that outlines the brand standards used by your organization. This should include your fonts, fonts sizes, font types, colors, color schemes and logo use and placement, among other things. Each time you hire a new artist or work with an external partner you should share this document so everyone is on the same page with the branding your organization uses.

When it comes to maintaining brand consistency in any organization the struggle is real. By being well organized, providing central locations for others to find up-to-date resources and holding people accountable you can greatly increase brand consistency in your organization.