7 Trending Technologies in B2B Marketing

7 Trending Technologies in B2B Marketing



B2B marketers know the martech landscape is constantly growing and changing. There are literally thousands of technologies for marketers to choose from to meet a variety of needs.

So which ones do you need to care about?

Here is a list of 7 trending technologies in B2B marketing.

1. Artificial Intelligence. The use of AI apps and technology is rapidly on the rise with the introduction of tools like Salesforce Einstein and Mintigo Sales Coach. It’s definitely the next hottest thing in B2B marketing and it’s easy to see why. AI has a wide range of uses, from analyzing data to holding conversations with prospects and customers. AI can perform a multitude of tasks, saving companies time and money, but the secret to using AI successfully lies within your dataset. The cleaner your data is, the more opportunity you have to use AI in your marketing.


Online presentation software like the Digideck is rapidly growing in use and adoption.

2. Online Presentation Software. Large, cumbersome PowerPoints are now a thing of the past. Smart companies are using online presentation software like the Digideck to create customized, on-brand presentations, quickly. Not only does this software provide a better user experience and more brand control, but it allows companies to more easily send large presentations and view valuable analytics for better marketing and sales intelligence.

3. Analytics and Data Visualization. Speaking of analytics, organizations are relying more heavily than ever before on analytics and data visualization to learn important information. Tools like Domo and Birst are increasing in popularity and adoption amongst B2B marketers. It’s easy to see why since B2B marketers are tasked with greater focus on driving business results and managing data more effectively. After all, data is power, and those who can harness it properly will see the greatest success.

4. AdTech. Advancements in AdTech continue to greatly change the B2B advertising space as the use of programmatic advertising rises. Although generally viewed as a B2C technology, AdTech apps like AppNexus and PureB2B can make a huge impact for B2B marketers focused on content syndication for lead generation. The great thing about using a good AdTech tool is the better your content and the more targeted your audience, the greater your results.

5. On-Demand Market Research. Market research has long been a source of frustration for B2B marketers. With smaller budgets than most B2C brands, every penny must be spent wisely. As a result, market research is often dropped by the wayside. However, new on-demand research tools like GutCheck and AYTM have changed that, making it easier than ever for marketers to get new research done instantly through the use of online survey panels to targeted audiences.

6. Social Media Marketing. Social media marketing has been trending for some time, with apps like Hootsuite leading the way, but a new generation of SMM apps have now hit the market. Tools like Buffer and SproutSocial have advanced social media capabilities from posting to monitoring to reporting to conversation tracking. They are incredibly useful to B2B marketers and sales teams focused on social selling.

7. Digital Public Relations. Public relations is a traditional marketing channel that has made a slow yet steady transition into the digital marketing space and is now on the cusp of explosive growth. Apps like BuzzStream and Meltwater have changed the way B2B marketers make noise in the market, allowing them to easily push out news releases, connect with editors and monitor publications. No longer do marketers need to hire expensive PR agencies to share their stories and connect with their audiences.

The B2B martech landscape is an exciting and growing space, with new technologies popping up almost daily to help marketers guide prospects through the customer journey. As you choose technologies right for your company be sure to do strategically and carefully, to ensure the best results and greatest success.


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