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A Better Way to Create and Send Sales Proposals

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A Better Way to Create and Send Sales Proposals


When it comes to sales proposals, sales reps have a lot of work to do. Best-in-class sales reps create and send an average of 26 sales quotes per week. Given that each quote is typically sent as part of a larger sales proposal, sending quotes and proposals can become an extremely time-consuming task, especially for more complex sales requiring customized proposals.

For many organizations, there is a strong need to speed up the time it takes to create and send sales proposals. Although there are many quoting tools and apps on the market, there are not many solutions that allow reps to create and send both a quote and sales proposal all-in-one.

This is where having on online presentation tool is key.

Online presentation tools provide a unique and easy-to-use medium for sending sales proposals. They are most commonly used for products where:

  • There is a simple, consistent pricing structure
  • The product is straightforward and does not involve a huge amount of complexity
  • The value proposition is clear and can be demonstrated visually

Creating an impactful sales proposal is an important part of the sales process and a key part of closing deals. Proposals need to be professional looking, visually appealing and contain the key data needed for prospects to make informed decisions. Sales proposals are typically routed around to the decision making team or shared in a group setting as part of a large discussion so they are extremely important documents.

Considering the importance of these documents, an online presentation tool presents a better way to send sales proposals. The reasons:

1. Sales reps can quickly and easily create their sales proposal by using a master sales proposal template, kept up to date with all the latest content, pricing and product information. 

2. Customizing an online sales proposal is easy to do by simply dropping in the customer logo and name in key areas throughout the pre-built proposal.

3. Digital proposals are much more dynamic in nature and can include video, GIFs, hi-resolution photos and other items to engage the viewer.

4. Cloud-based sales proposals allow for personalized URLs to be created which the sales rep can send to their prospect. Not only does this mean they can avoid the use of sending large, cumbersome PDF files, but it also allows the rep to obtain valuable analytics to learn when a presentation was viewed and what areas were viewed the most.

As sales operations and enablement teams look for ways to make their sales process faster and efficient they should consider making the shift to using an online presentation tool for sales proposals. Not only will they impress prospects with a much more visually appealing and interactive experience, but they will reduce the amount of time they spend laboring over sales proposals.