Build Winning Sales Presentations With Digital Technology

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Build Winning Sales Presentations With Digital Technology

2021 – For sales and marketing teams in the construction industry, keeping up with the trends and times is just as important as it is for materials and design professionals. Earning 2% to 3% profit margins (compared to an average of 20% in other industries) isn’t sustainable for most companies, especially after the last two years.

Buyers’ expectations are trending towards tailored experiences, making the push towards digitization and customer-centric solutions more important every day. The firms that were successful while construction slowed and material costs skyrocketed put a powerful emphasis on streamlining sales and marketing. They built out solutions for virtual sales and digital presentations that helped them lower downtime, cut costs and bolster their closed-won deal buckets with less effort.

Recognizing this emerging demand, information technology and software companies began to include solutions tailored for the construction industry. Immersive virtual presentations, data and analytics features, CRM integration, cloud-based content studios and full-stack B2B integrations offer the ability to increase effectiveness at every stage of the sales cycle. Virtual presentation platforms where sales and marketing work together in real-time offer a single source of truth that allows users to predict desires and find new buyers. For those willing to accept a digital transformation, rapid evolution gives them an edge. The ability to act quickly and decisively results in a flexible, scalable model for growth. 

The first step is understanding what a firm’s “tech stack” is made of. For sales and marketing, it’s every application, piece of software or technology that’s used to improve operations. It’s the CRM, the design programs, email/messaging platforms, video chat software, social media automation—any and all operations that a team uses on their desktop, mobile or tablet to get the job done. 

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