Bulletproofing Digital Transformations for The Media and Entertainment Industry

When tech leaders in media and entertainment undergo digital transformations, they earned more—sometimes twice as much.

It’s easy to say: “Of course, we should…what could go wrong?”, but the stats aren’t great: 

Boston Consulting Group (BCG) research found only 30% of Digital Transformations are successful.

The Good News?

That 30% all had something in common: 6 factors can make all the difference. One-by-one, we’re working through these six topics that help make digital transformations 2.7x as successful

Your digital integration pitch might fall short if you miss out on these six factors

Key #1: Integrated Strategies with Clear Goals

Integrated strategies: Align the “whats” “whys” and “hows” of your plan. With those laid out, make your technology critical to the plan. In other words, The success of tech=success of the business. 

Clear Goals for Digital Transformations: Whether it’s a CRM update, new digital marketing strategies, or cloud-based apps, successful digital transformations set goals early, and stay on top of them. 

When new partners start building their Master Deck, we set out SMART goals to drive the team through integration:

SMART goals for Successful Projects

Key #2: Digital Transformations: Commitment From The Top Down

BCG points out in their research a disconnect in middle management:

75% of execs felt they had good engagement from middle management.

Only 33% actually did.They saw success because they aligned middle management early in strategy meetings for feedback and ideas. As a “conduit” between C-Suite and employees, they’re more likely + able to get their teams on board.

Our Process for Company-Wide Support

By hosting all of their presentations in an open-API platform, clients communicate more effectively. Digideck LIVE allows them to align in one place, with an integrated, single source of truth. 

Before implementing digital sales and marketing platforms, we require six “checkpoints” to give clients the chance to re-align top-down throughout implementation:

Six Check Points For Project Implementation

Key # 3: Deploying High-Caliber Talent

There’s a theme developing between our key factors—they’re all connected. 

Talent-wise, companies need to know what they don’t know + don’t have. The most successful digital transformations enable middle management to find these out + deploy the right talent to make it happen. 

Your Checklist for Key #3:

Finding The Right Talent For Digital Transformations

Digideck clients that play to their team’s strengths build better platforms. They fill gaps—not just work around them.

Key #4: Digital Transformations With An Agile Mindset

Any digital transformation in BCG’s research fell into one of three zones: “Woe”, “Worry”, and “Win.” 

90% of companies in the “Woe” section of digital transformation did not use an Agile framework.

The “bureaucratic” approach isn’t fast or flexible enough anymore. Thankfully, Agile frameworks let organizations quickly and dynamically. The “unknowns” we see in digital transformations are solved in small groups—and dealt with quickly.

Here’s a quick look at the differences between the approaches from Steven Denning’s work, The Agile Mindset vs. The Bureaucratic Mindset. 100% of the “Win” column used an Agile framework:
The Agile Mindset In The Digital Age

Digideck started with an Agile mindset:

  • Supervisors can lock, edit, or change ownership of a presentation if there are problems. The person who is best suited to solve them—can.
  • With Digideck LIVE, users communicate directly in presentations, leave comments, and edit together in the small-team setting that works best for an Agile framework.

Key #5: Real-Time Tracking and Evaluating of Goals

One of the main reasons companies upgrade to a digital platform for sales + marketing is tracking, and acting on data. However, that only happens if the users know what they’re looking for. 

If your team builds good habits early (in implementation), they’re more likely to use real-time insights like these afterward:

Key #6: Integrated Tech Stack

 “Integrated” means that every application communicates + works together for a real-time source of truth. Email automation meshes with the CRM. Presentation tools connect to app-based design programs.

Sometimes, this means organizations may end up phasing out technology. With so much going virtual, the medium (platform) is just as important as your message.

Digital Transformations Are Easier With An Integrated Tech Stack

The Problem With Presenting

Presentation Challenges Facing Sales And Marketing

A Presentation Platform Made For Digital Transformation

We’ve seen hundreds of PowerPoint presentations bomb because links don’t work.

Video files get skipped because they’re too massive to download. Additionally, presenters will have four tabs open, two monitors going, and one of them devoted to finding a contact in outlook. This is no way to keep anyone’s attention.

Media and entertainment companies are missing a crucial step in their digital transformations without presentations that work with your tech—not against them.

Digideck: the presentation platform with full-stack function. Everything you need, all in one place. From Salesforce to Canva, Chats to Co-Presentations in Digideck LIVE, Massive cloud storage assures your presentations are agile, customizable, always on-brand. 

  • Build an Integrated Strategy with Digideck’s superior customer service.
  • Get aligned from the top-down with our proven onboarding track.
  • Put your best people in the right places with custom accessibility.
  • Govern projects in Agile-Friendly small teams with in-app communication and 3rd party messaging integration.
  • Monitor and Measure SMART goals with Salesforce + CRM integration for game-changing presentation KPIs.
  • Rethink your tech stack with a platform that keeps you on-brand, connected, and always in the conversation.

Ditch your PowerPoint problems for a Master Deck that’s always on-brand. Sync with your CRM, and create captivating multimedia with real-time insights. Fill your prospecting inbox—and your closed-won bucket. Save time while building better content.

Connect with us today, and we’ll build a custom presentation just for you.

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