Case Study:
Blast Motion

Blast Motion used the Digideck to present its brand in a consistent, dynamic way


As a startup company leading the way in wearable sports technology, Blast Motion needed to drive revenue across its two main channels: baseball and golf. Selling two distinct products—its 360-degree motion sensors for performance improvement and access to its Blast Connect service, providing communications, analysis, coaching and management programs—it needed one master sales presentation that could demonstrate product value to prospects.

Having used just phone calls, emails and its website to sell the product in the past, Blast Motion realized it needed a more powerful presentation tool to aid the sales team.


Ultimately, Blast Motion turned to the Digideck to create a better sales presentation. The company started by mapping out a master sales deck featuring both product sets to make it easier for sales reps to showcase each product. It then created one deck for each channel (baseball and golf) to allow sales reps to quickly choose their industry and create their presentation.

Targeting a variety of unique audiences including coaches, academy owners, professional sports teams and athletes themselves, sales reps were then able to make slight adjustments and customizations to their decks, without compromising the brand consistency and integrity of the master presentation. Additionally, the team began using the Digideck to increase its bulk product sales to sporting events and other programs.

“The Digideck tool allows us to have a conversation with our clients digitally and present our brand in a new and dynamic way. The Digideck support team has been fantastic in making sure all our needs are met in a timely fashion. We could not be happier with the results and look forward to utilizing the tool as we continue to grow our business.”  – Jeff Fallis, Vice President of Sales


“The best thing about the Digideck are the analytics and being able to track what is being looked at. That, combined with the usability of it not being a huge file you are sending over, is super beneficial to our sales process.”

Megan Miller, Sports Activation Manager


The Digideck has been adopted incredibly rapidly across Blast Motion’s sales team, with all team members using it regularly to follow up to new leads and to lead discovery calls. On average the team:

  • Creates 10 Digideck presentations a week
  • Spends just 15 minutes or less crafting each presentation
  • Creates a personalized URL for each presentation to track opens, clicks and slide views
  • Sends a presentation to all new leads, with 100% of them clicking to view the deck

See how the Digideck can help your team sell more, faster.