Case Study:
Chicago Cubs

The Chicago Cubs turned to Sportsdigita for a better way to tell their story


As one of the most beloved baseball franchises in the United States, the Chicago Cubs have a long and colorful history. A history they found challenging to share with potential prospects during the sales process. As a result, the Chicago Cubs built a master sales deck that their sales team worked from to create sales presentations. Over time, however, their standard deck evolved a great deal, causing the sales team to spend even more time finding content and creating customized presentations.


To help realign its master sales deck, and build out a central repository for its sales teams to use, the Chicago Cubs sought out the Digideck by Sportsdigita.

Working closely with the Sportsdigita team, the Cubs reimagined and rebuilt their baseline presentation that all sales reps use, creating consistency and standardization while also saving time.


Using interactive features such as self-guided navigation and 360-degree panoramic photos, along with content-rich multimedia including videos and hi-res images, the Chicago Cubs used the Digideck to build out an engaging and robust storytelling tool.

One of the biggest benefits of the Digideck is the ability for sales reps to visually represent how a client’s brand will appear in Wrigley Field. This visualization is key to showing clients how their brand can be portrayed in experiential spaces and branded locations within this historic venue.


The Digideck helped the Chicago Cubs’ sales teams become much more efficient, increasing speed and eliminating the process of building sales decks from scratch.

Whether presenting in-person or virtually, the Digideck has allowed the team to replace legacy software and provide a one-stop-shop for presentations.

An added benefit is the back-end analytics that help the Chicago Cubs truly gauge a potential partner’s interest based on how they are interacting with the presentation.

See how the Digideck can help your team sell more, faster.