Case Study:

Dick’s Sporting


When Dick’s Sporting Goods needed a way to increase brand consistency across its large community sales and marketing team, it turned to the Digideck.


As a Fortune 500 company and leading sporting goods retailer, Dick’s Sporting Goods has a recognizable and well-respected brand. However, with a 70+ person sales team and community marketing managers in multiple regions of the country, it was struggling to ensure brand consistency in its sales presentations. It needed a way to ensureall sales reps were presenting the most up-to-date content and sales materials when pitching local partnerships to youth organizations across the United States. “If you had gone to five different peoplein the organization and saw their presentations, you would have seen five different presentations. That was a problem,” said Jeff Wright, Regional Marketing Manager for Dick’s Sporting Goods.


To find a solution, Dick’s Sporting Goods turned to the Digideck. Given its strong and well-loved brand, and its multitude of assets including videos and photos, it felt the Digideck was a a platform that could help tell its story in an engaging and compelling manner. Ultimately, there were five key considerations thatled Dick’s Sporting Goods to the Digideck:

1. It helped increase brand consistency across the board by ensuring all users were working off one master deck.

2. It gave sales reps a “wow” presentation by incorporating powerful videos, pictures, flow and creativity.

3. It lived in the cloud, making it easy for reps to send presentations without worrying about bulky files.

4. It provided great analytics on the people who were viewing and reading presentations.

5. It gave management visibility to see which sales reps were creating presentations and which ones were not.


The team at Dick’s Sporting Goods has rapidly adopted the Digideck, with all 70+ users creating presentations on a routine basis. Given their primary task of taking a big, national brand and localizing it,the Digideck is an instrumental tool for the reps working with community youth organizations.It has given the sales reps a premium presentation that allows them to build new partnerships whilemaintaining brand consistency. The Digideck continually receives positive feedback from sales reps, customers and prospects.

“The best thing about the Digideck is you can make a customized presentation in a manner of minutes. It’s quick and easy; I love the analytics and how you can drop in videos and photos to your presentations.”

Jeff Wright, Regional Community Marketing Manager

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