Case Study:
Innovative Office Solutions

Innovative Office Solutions turns to Digideck to modernize their sales team and materials



Having used PowerPoint and sales brochures for years, Innovative wanted something different for its salespeople to use, preferably in a digital format. It was looking for something that wasn’t PowerPoint, wasn’t printed and could be used as a standardized tool to guide the sales process so that marketing could have more of a say in what was being communicated with prospects and customers. And as a very personable and engaging brand, it wanted something that would be different than the other presentations its prospects were seeing.


To meet these needs, Innovative brought Digideck, an online presentation tool, to its 40+ person sales force as a better, richer content platform for them to engage clients and prospects. The tool offered sales reps something they didn’t have before: a way to quickly create and send sales presentations with up-to-date content and messaging created by marketing.

Digideck is not only used as a storytelling piece, but also a support and resource tool for sales reps to add as needed during conversations with prospects. It has enhanced Innovative’s prospecting process. By adding it as a digital selling aid as part of the sales tools available for team members to use, Digideck helped Innovative digitize its sales team. An additional added benefit of Digideck is that it has made the onboarding and training process for new Innovative sales people much faster and easier.


“We feel confident Digideck enhances the prospecting process. For us it’s a storytelling piece and makes us look more professional rather than sending a large PDF.”

Jason Player, CIO and CMO


Innovative has seen success with Digideck with more than 40 sales reps using it and a minimum requirement that one is sent after each meeting as a follow-up. A weekly report allows management to track how many reps are using it and to what extent. Digideck has been instrumental not only in sales onboarding and prospecting, but also for closing deals. In one instance, Innovative was able to close a half a million-dollar deal without ever meeting the prospect in-person. The deal was done through multiple phone conversations and Digideck, which was sent as follow-up, was a crucial element. This specific deck contained a “Meet the Team” section that the prospect viewed many times, which ultimately cinched the deal.

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