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Learfield launches 126 collegiate property Digidecks with Sportsdigita to drive revenue


For Keisha Taylor and Scott Harding at Learfield, supporting more than 126 collegiate sports properties is no small feat. At the top of their list of challenges is maintaining brand consistency across every school in their portfolio while they tell their story. The passion fans have for college sports provides Learfield a compelling narrative. It’s the focal point of their story and brand level consistency is a key facet of presenting that story to partners.

The Learfield team recognized their properties needed a platform that provided customized sales presentations with consistent brand messaging. They were asking properties to populate their own content around a universal presentation template which proved to be problematic. There were no mechanisms to “spot check” presentations, maintain a seamless flow to presentations, and ensure high levels of creative quality.


The Digideck is a cloud-based interactive presentation tool used by sales professionals to build and share dynamic and engaging sales presentations. Each master-deck is customized to the school’s unique brand attributes and showcases their game day experience with dynamic multimedia capabilities. It provides Learfield the ability to showcase its narrative in a more compelling and consistent manner while still focusing on the goals and objectives of prospective partners.

“The Digideck certainly changes the way we present, but the greatest impact of the Digideck has been how Integrated Marketing supports our sellers. We now have visibility to all proposals and can better arm our sellers with improved graphics, updated research and ideas that get dropped directly into their decks. Coupled with the consistent brand presence Digideck offers, we have improved how we present our marketing solutions,” said Harding.


Brand Consistency

“First and foremost, we now have some brand consistency in the marketplace. Across our properties, the look and feel is the same. We have never had this at Learfield. Our presentations are customized by school, but you know it is a Learfield property,” says Taylor. “The Digideck has increased our efficiency in supporting the sales field. The cloud based platform enables multiple departments to collaborate on proposals remotely. We add slides directly into proposals and reduce emails with attachments. Changes to presentations can be made quickly and are updated in real time,” added Harding.

Sales Intelligence

The Digideck’s advanced analytics ensure the sales teams at every property are armed with the data and information needed to generate more sales opportunities and close deals faster. “We use the analytics to identify when prospects are viewing proposals and where they are spending time within the deck. The analytics enable our sellers to strategically follow up with clients and target specific topics in their conversations. Armed with information going into these discussions helps our sellers focus on areas of importance,” said Harding.

Revenue Gains

Several Learfield properties experienced large revenue increases quickly after implementing their property branded Digideck presentations. In fact, within the first six months of launching with the Digideck, more than a dozen properties closed significant six figure deals across key categories such as Automotive, Financial, Grocery, and Health Care.

“The onboarding process was seamless. We developed a game plan that worked for both companies and executed it. We launched 126 decks in 11 months, one month earlier than planned. One of the keys to our successful roll out was having a dedicated Sportsdigita representative in our Learfield office. This individual became a memberof the Integrated Marketing team and made working with Sportsdigita very easy.”

Scott Harding, VP Integrated Marketing

“I wanted to find an organization that would truly become a partner to Learfield as opposed to simply being another vendor. I researched several companies and while I believed Sportsdigita provided a superior product, after meeting the leadership team I knew immediately that they were a fit for our organization. Sportsdigita has a culture that closely resembles Learfield’s. We both strive for excellent client service and we care deeply about our people. This partnership has exceeded my expectations, not only in customer service, but in the fact that Sportsdigita is truly an extension of our business as they play an integral role in how we represent our organization in the marketplace.”

Keisha Taylor, SVP Integrated Marketing

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