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Are you effectively breaking through the clutter and generating meaningful connections with your target market? Remote selling and virtual collaboration strategies have never been more important than they are today. Digideck by Sportsdigita is a cloud-based presentation platform that equips marketing and sales leaders with…
Ryan Lund
June 1, 2020
BrandingPresentationsSales Efficiency

New White Paper! Digideck Analytics & Insights's face it, sales automation is here to stay. From creating important sales and marketing collateral to updating pricing and metrics in real-time, automation has quickly become a necessity for any organization looking to position themselves for growth. Find out how to enable your team to…
Krista Boyum
February 6, 2020
BrandingPresentationsSales Efficiency

White Paper: Cloud Essentials For Sales Teams Let's face it, perceptions of PowerPoint have been falling for a long time, as evidenced by nicknames such as PowerPunt, among others. The future of B2B sales is Digital and it is time to position your organization as a leader to elevate sales and marketing…
Krista Boyum
January 15, 2020