Providing a first-class presentation experience starts with meticulously-crafted materials that tell your company’s unique story. Our Brand Services and Design teams can work with you to uncover that story or help you build on what you’ve already established. 

Tell Your Story

Our team of brand experts includes full strategy and creative capabilities, along with DIGIDECK expertise, to help bring your brand vision to life in the DIGIDECK. We can support you a number of different ways so whether you’re a DIY or a DIFM, we’ve got a process to ensure your story comes to life, both strategically and creatively.


Whether your content is all in one place in a single presentation, coming from multiple sources, or non-existing, we can audit, analyze and review your current content (copy + visuals), and provide detailed content frameworks to help organize and tell your story with DIGIDECK.


Our team of creative strategists, designers and technologists are here to support your presentation builds from start to finish. Whether you are looking for support to recreate a current presentation in DIGIDECK, or to completely reimagine how your story comes to life, our Brand Experience team can help get you there.


Love your brand and presentations, but would love some help making a few slides or topics really come to life? Raw data you’d like to tell a story with visually? A really important message you need to shine through? Our design team is skilled at simplifying and bringing content to life  to support your brand and customers.

Maximize Your Media

Gone are the days of file size limitations. As a cloud-based application, DIGIDECK presentations are built using an online platform and sent out via a url. No matter how many how-to videos, images, GIFs, or animations you want to include, you’ll have no issue getting your message across.

Control Your Content

Your teams know exactly what their audiences want to see but can sometimes take a “too creative” approach that doesn’t sit well with Marketing. That’s where the Master Deck comes in. With the Master Deck . . .

Easy-to-Use Design Tools

DIGIDECK brought our storytelling to the next level while simultaneously driving results.

It is so important that our in-depth, innovative, stellar-creative, design proposals have someone like DIGIDECK to help us deliver it.

-Scott Kerr, INVNT Group, Chief Sales Officer

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