The Digideck: Built for Media

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The Digideck: Built for Media

The Digideck was engineered with multi-media top-of-mind. We believe it is critical to incorporate rich multi-media directly into your sales decks. Why? Because 67% of people are more persuaded to buy when they see powerful visuals like video in sales presentations.

The Digideck lives in the cloud so you have a limitless amount of space to store videos and other rich media. As a result, you can incorporate large media files into your sales deck. Best of all … you won’t need to send large, cumbersome files ever again! Simply send your Digideck via a personalized URL. It’s easy for your prospects to view – and you can see valuable analytics on presentation and slide views.

Are you taking advantage of the Digideck Media Gallery?

Each master deck in your Digideck is equipped to house your images, video files, and audio files in one place. Further, you have the ability to tag any of your files (i.e. search for “Krista’s artwork” or “Andrew’s presentations”) so that you can access them through an easy “search” and “select” to build custom presentations.

Here are more quick tips to take advantage of the Digideck Media Gallery:

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