From cc: to CMO—How Digideck LIVE is Streamlining Virtual Sales

The new decade has brought a lot of change for businesses. New ways to connect, prospect, communicate and grow. However, there are also drawbacks. 

Tech doesn’t always align with what businesses need. A lot of presentation tools and software are antiquated and require heavy assistance from video conference apps to function in a virtual space.

Using multiple applications to communicate at once can lengthen sales cycles, cause confusion, and lower customer engagement when presenting virtually. 

With every new gadget and method, app, and tab, businesses are losing a little bit of ownership of the sales cycle and a lot of their audience’s engagement.

A common sales + marketing virtual presentation goes something like this:

Start-to-finish, this presentation only inches the sales cycle forward—and it took two weeks. The engagement was lower than if you presented in person, and there was nothing you could do about it.

It Doesn’t Have To Be That Way.

Digideck LIVE was built to fix these problems by creating a seamless customer experience that gives users a single-link, single-window solution for prospecting, presenting, informing, and engaging.

Since then, we’ve seen some pretty incredible things happen. We’ve shortened lead times by weeks and cultivated an ongoing boost of engagement during presentations. 

Digideck LIVE Gives You:

  • One-Link, One-Window Functionality for all of your presentation/engagement needs

  • Co-Browsing mode to keep everyone focused, and on track.

  • Real-Time Alerts to engage with your audience—right when they’re viewing it.

  • 100% Ownership of when/where your presentation is seen with LIVE waiting Rooms.

  • Limitless Chat Functionality that aligns users with the audience instantly.

  • Gong Integration for recording + transcribing.

One of our clients that have had the most success with Digideck LIVE is Atomic Data. Follow their lead + walk in their shoes.

Our clients take back ownership of their sales cycle and increase engagement because their proposals and presentations aren’t fragmented across several different apps.

Cloud storage, seamless, integrated video chat and messaging, co-browsing, and an ever-growing list of integrations make it the obvious choice for B2B presentation solutions.

Take Charge of Your Presentations - Try LIVE Today

If you’re overwhelmed with open tabs, sick of scheduling issues, livid with broken links, and bored of boiler-plate presentations, it’s time to switch. Digideck helps you build best-in-show presentations and marketing materials. Digideck LIVE gives you the ultimate platform for Sales + Marketing presentations that win.

Follow our lead, get in touch, and we’ll show you how our seamless customer experience is shortening sales cycles and boosting engagement across industries.

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