The Digideck Online Presentation Tool @ The Intersection of Sales and Marketing

Online Presentation Tool at the Intersection of Sales and Marketing

We’ve built the Digideck to be an online presentation tool to meet the needs of both sales and marketing, but why is this so important?

Well, let’s start with the basics, presentations are critically important. They offer sales reps the opportunity to tell a story and get prospects emotionally invested in what they have to sell. In fact 90% of purchasing decisions are based on emotion, yet only 12% of companies are leveraging their current marketing materials.

Thus, companies today are falling short when it comes to delivering presentations that tell unique and interesting stories. Moreover, as our infographic below shows, sales teams are spending less time actively selling, and more time on administrative tasks, such as creating presentations.

This is why we’re so proud that 81% of our customers say it improves the speed and quality of their sales presentations. And 97% of our customers our satisfied with the response time they get from our support team.

Learn more stats about the Digideck online presentation tool below in our infographic.