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In 2021 where face-to-face interaction is limited, personalization has become a key component of a successful sales presentation. We are currently living in a world where physical human contact was put to a complete stop, but that does not mean your sales team should be limited to building valuable relationships. Enter the partnership of Digideck and OptifiNow. OptifiNow is a CRM and marketing automation platform designed to help salespeople generate more leads and close deals more effectively, while Digideck is a powerful presentation tool that uses video, animations and dynamic personalization to communicate with prospects, customers, and partners throughout the sales funnel.

We appreciate our partnership with Optifinow, so we wanted to share how you can use CRM data to customize and personalize your interactive online presentations. According to Tenfold, “businesses that utilize new technologies to increase personalization report a 21 percent stronger lead acceptance rate and a 26 percent higher conversion rate than businesses who do not.” Let those numbers speak for themselves. Relationships are more likely to grow at a more efficient rate when personalization is used during the sales presentation. This article will discuss using your CRM and sales presentation tools to target specific audiences, curate customized content, and personalize the entire experience.

Effectively Target Specific Audiences


Producing a highly effective presentation requires collecting user data and compiling segmented lists. These lists could be segmented by job role, location, company size, or based on their interests and habits. OptifiNow’s CRM collects data from a wide variety of sources across your audiences. Tracking and managing this data effectively provides tremendous insights on who your prospects are and how to target them specifically. 

Regardless, how the list is segmented in your CRM, it is critical to create your sales presentations accordingly. The potential client that is viewing the presentation will be more engaged when it is tailored to their challenges, values, and the benefit they will receive. Below are a few examples of how to configure your sales presentations to effectively target specific audiences. 


When targeting prospects in a specific region or state, it is important to do research on the location. Understanding the specific challenges your audiences face in that location will give them the confidence you genuinely understand the needs they are facing. If you are a Loan Officer and attempting to secure a buyer for a home in Minnesota in December, it would not be the best approach to create a sales presentation deck showcasing the home in 80 degree weather with the sun shining. That is not personalized to the emotions the potential buyer is feeling in mid-December after receiving a blizzard with 12 inches of snow. 

Job Role

Tailoring your presentations by industry and job vertical is a great tactic to ensure you are presenting valuable data to the right person, at the right time. If your buyer persona’s entail targeting sales managers and marketing managers, they have drastically different key results and objectives they strive to achieve. Many sales managers are numbers and revenue driven, where marketing might focus’ more on the value of strategy and seamless execution. 

Digideck enables your sales teams to answer smart questions to automatically configure a value filled presentation based on their prospect demographics. Learn more about Digidecks presentation flows here. 

Enhanced Content

Utilizing your CRM and sales presentation tools, you can enhance your presentations by incorporating higher quality content that reflects the prospect you are presenting to. The content will be unique to the viewer giving them a sense of satisfaction knowing you have spent valuable time creating a presentation tailored to their needs.

When looking at personalization within content, it can be as little as adding their first name into the presentation to as extreme as providing an ebook based on their company size with data revolving around their direct competitors. The idea of creating personalized content is endless. Here are a few examples of personalized content created to target your specific audiences. 

Adding their logo in real-life scenarios throughout the presentation will allow the prospects to create an unforgettable image of themselves using your product or service. This will be able to help set you apart from competitors, as well as give a realistic picture of the value you can provide to them. 

As simple as it may sound, using their first name (and spelling it correctly), can drive engagement from the beginning of a presentation. According to a 2020 study done by Hubspot, emails utilizing a first name in the subject line have a 50% higher open rate compared to emails without personalization. This goes to show, using a first name intrigues buyers to view your content more. 

Client’s of OptifiNow and Digideck are capable of automatically pulling prospects’ first names straight from the CRM profile into their Digideck. Now not only will the emails sent through the OptifiNow marketing automation platform include your prospects first name, it will be automated throughout your presentation as a second touchpoint, as well. 

Incorporating data that is valuable to the viewer is important. Within your OptifiNow’s CRM and marketing automation platform you are able to pull open opportunity fields including revenue as well as items such as email open rates and click through rates. Both of these fields are numbers oriented, but speak to two completely different types of measurements. Making sure that your content is customized with the accurate data to suite job roles is critical to keep the viewer engaged. 

About OptifiNow

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