Feature Spotlight: Digideck Live Slide Notes


The Digideck Feature Spotlight Series focuses on highlighting functionality within the Digideck platform that helps users enhance the overall lifecycle experience for their prospects and customers.

This week we’re going to dive into a piece of functionality inside our popular web-based Digideck Live feature – slide notes. For people who have used more traditional presentation tools, slide notes offer presenters a portion of the screen for notes, prompts, and scripts only they can see during a presentation. Typically, the notes section in these traditional presentation tools are very basic text with simplistic styling such as bolding or italics and no multimedia.

With Digideck Live’s slide notes, we’ve taken the the slide note function to a new level. Let’s walk through how slide notes can build efficiency into your sales process and create a better experience for prospects and customers.

First, here is how you access slide notes in Digideck. Once you’ve created your web-based deck and are in edit mode customizing your presentation, the arrow below shows you how to show the notes for a slide.

Once you’ve expanded the slide notes area, find the Edit button at the bottom of the screen. Press that to enter edit mode.

The Digideck slide note feature has many valuable use cases. An example is when marketing creates a sales presentation for the sales team to engage prospects. The marketing team has the ability to include statistics, description, images, audio, or a video within the slide notes to help drive the conversation for the sales representative. 

A second example enables a sales coaching opportunity. A sales manager has the ability to insert an audio clip directly into a specific slide giving an example of a high performing sales person presenting that slide. Using the slide note functionality in this use case, enables the owner of the presentation to go directly into the slide and hear a team member execute it well. 

See This Feature in Action in the Digideck Platform