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Five Questions with Cory Factor

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Five Questions With Cory Factor

We sat down with our President, Cory Factor, to discuss a variety of topics including the path to purchase, AI, and of course, the Digideck.

 1.) What have you learned from your customers over the past year?

One of the things that we are seeing over-and-over again, is that after customers choose to launch our platform, they’ll tell us the Digideck is helping them solve other challenges in terms of collaboration between sales and marketing. We find that these groups often work in silos until they have a product that enables both sides. I think one of the key reasons for that, is the Digideck is designed to make the transition of content seamless, even if a company has employees working remotely or a sales teams that is spread all over.

2.) How does the Digideck fit into a company’s revenue technology stack?

I think our platform truly facilitates activities from the top of the funnel (mass marketing) to the bottom of the funnel (one-to-one sales engagement). Particularly with our CRM integrations and marketing automation integrations, we’ve become the glue between the hand-off from marketing to sales, right through the close of a sale.

3.) How can the Digideck help buyers self-educate along the path to purchase?

The Digideck helps businesses satisfy their buyer’s desire to educate themselves. Consumers can drive themselves through the prospecting and qualifying stage – all the way to the sales stage. Your contact us form is more than a way to obtain a name and contact information. It is a prime opportunity for consumers to answer questions about their needs and what interests them.

Our platform takes the information from the form data and automatically generates a Digideck presentation with relevant and personalized content for that prospect. That presentation can be sent automatically to the sales rep or automatically sent to your prospect – or both.

By answering questions, consumers are creating a lead for sales and allowing your reps to view presentation analytics that provide new found value on the first touch – pushing them further down the funnel without any effort by the seller.

4.) What would surprise most people about the Digideck?

I think when people look at our website or they look at the sales enablement industry in general, there’s this initial fear around complexity. Our customers are really surprised that the actual implantation and use of our platform is very simple. People are accustomed to these long training cycles, whereas our onboarding time is quick and painless. We’ve really made it easy to get going and it’s a huge part of the value we provide.

5.) How do you see AI impacting the Digideck?

We have a data driven content platform that can use intelligent data to drive content selection and create content relevancy that originates from the prospect. Our view is that AI engines are going to provide that data to us and the Digideck will create the most relevant presentations. The challenge with AI is it is only as good as the data its provided. We have a lot of customers that are interested in this solution and we’re preparing to be the recipient of their AI once they have those systems up and running.

Another interesting aspect of AI that we are seeing is around transcriptions of conversation. We have a local partner, Aftercode that has a product called Rambl which is an awesome tool for analyzing conversations to derive next steps. We could easily use that data to drive the selection of content and follow-ups off the AI data derived from a phone call. It’s super exciting to see AI put in place as more and more data is captured, analyzed and put to work.