Transform your selling experience with a revenue enablement platform unlike any other. DIGIDECK is proven to increase sales by 20% with improved processes, one-of-a-kind presentations and analytics that help guide every decision.

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Bring game day to life all year long with exceptional solutions for sponsorship, ticketing, hospitality & events, media, and business intelligence.

Take the first step towards better presentations, improved processes and sales tactics that actually work with DIGIDECK’s sales platform.

Better support your company’s marketing and sales efforts through smoother collaborations, enhanced personalization and 24/7 outreach.

Empower your venue to stand out from the competition. Elevate your marquee events, forge lasting partnerships with leading brands, and captivate larger audiences.

Secure new business opportunities and high-profile events with interactive content that truly showcases your city, state, or region’s unique story.

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A Different Way to Present

Though DIGIDECK is most well-known for its next-level sales presentations, it’s much more than just another presentation platform. Companies of all shapes and sizes utilize DIGIDECK to fuel their demand generation efforts, boost ticket and sponsorship sales, deliver customized proposals in minutes, and much more!

Instant Engagement

There’s no time like the present. DIGIDECK LIVE alerts you the second your presentation is viewed,  providing you the opportunity to instantly chat or video-conference with your audience directly in the platform.


Actionable Analytics

Let your presentation data do the talking. See who’s viewing and engaging with your content to identify what is or isn’t resonating. Use actionable data to help craft the perfect follow-up and show an elevated level of care and expertise.

Capture More Information

Generate more leads and revenue with simple forms and fast response times. DIGIDECK Capture automates custom content based on audience inputs, sending an individually curated presentation just minutes after submission.

Seamless Integrations

Work smarter, not harder by operating within Salesforce, HubSpot or any preferred CRM. Perfect your message using DIGIDECK AI Assist or humanize your content with video. DIGIDECK’s open architecture makes it simple.


DIGIDECK is different than any other presentation platform on the market. For starters, each DIGIDECK is custom made by experienced designers and brand experts, who ensure your story is brought to life in the best possible way. Once the design and functionality of your DIGIDECK has been finalized, you’re ready to show it off in the 5 simple steps outlined below.

Creating your presentation or proposal begins as soon as you open DIGIDECK via Salesforce or a browser. Then, choose the slides most applicable to your needs by either answering a simple questionnaire or individually selecting from a library of branded slides.

Once your presentation has been created, you can customize your content to better resonate with your intended audience. Tools like DIGIDECK AI Assist, Layout Manager and the Template Store help you update text, images, videos, and more with just a few simple prompts.

Once you’ve added all the finishing touches, it’s time to deliver your content. Because DIGIDECK is a cloud-based platform and presentations are sent via url, presenting virtually or in-person is easier than ever. Plus, potential issues such as wifi availability or file size are a thing of the past!

Once your audience has the presentation url, they can open and view it anytime. Real–time alerts via email, Slack or other preferred communication tool let you know exactly when that happens, prompting you to open the presentation on any device and start a conversation.  

In addition to those prompts, DIGIDECK analytics track the content that most resonates with your audience, allowing you to follow-up accordingly. Take it a step further by integrating your CRM and automating your follow-up emails and other actions.

DIGIDECK Design + Brand Services Teams

Not sure what you want your DIGIDECK to look like? No problem! Our Brand Services team can work with you to uncover your brand story or help you build on what you’ve already created. Then, the creative genius and customer-first focus of our Design team will use those findings and your current assets to create your unique presentation guaranteed to blow your audiences away.

See For Yourself

Whether you’re looking to attract more ticket sales, promote a new product, or simply revamp your sales and marketing strategy, DIGIDECK has the answer. Click through the examples below to see how DIGIDECK’s revenue-fueling presentation platform can help you accelerate sales, increase pipeline velocity, and create automated content that drives results.

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Administrator in Finance
Administrator in FinanceG2 Reviewer
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"DIGIDECK makes it super easy to tell a story in an impactful way. The technology is impressive to potential clients, and the navigation is simple for any team member or prospect to use.”
Administrator in Finance
Administrator in FinanceG2 Reviewer
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"DIGIDECK makes it super easy to tell a story in an impactful way. The technology is impressive to potential clients, and the navigation is simple for any team member or prospect to use.”
User in Entertainment
User in EntertainmentG2 Reviewer
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"Sales savior. Very easy to build once you have the master deck completed. Takes up no space for clients to receive in their e-mail."
User in Entertainment
User in EntertainmentG2 Reviewer
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“Very easy to build. Takes up no space for clients to receive in their email. Clients find it very easy to use and it allows us many different chapters to showcase our options.”
User in Marketing & Advertising
User in Marketing & AdvertisingG2 Reviewer
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"I love that when a recipient opens the deck I receive an email notification. After seeing they are viewing, I follow up and they typically get right back to me, as it is still top of mind."

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