How to Create a Better Sales Presentation for Your Venue

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How to Create a Better Sales Presentation for Your Venue

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As a business development executive for an entertainment venue your moment to shine is the presentation you give to prospects. Whether it’s for potential partners, sponsors, VIP ticket holders, donors or more, it’s your chance to “wow” prospects with how amazing your venue is.

Here at the Digideck we’ve worked with a multitude of clients to help them perfect their venue presentation. From large athletic stadiums to local performing arts centers, here are some key ways you should build a better sales presentation to deliver maximum value.

  • Make it visual. While we advise all our clients to be as visual as possible in their sales presentations, nowhere is this more important than with entertainment venues. Use as many images of your space as possible. And make sure these are large, high-resolution images. Include panorama images wherever possible, or animated GIFs that show off a 180-360-degree view of your space. If your venue is still in the early planning or construction phase obtain renderings from your architects and use those throughout your presentation.
  • Use infographics. Entertainment venues have so many stats and data to share, and infographics help you tell this numerical story in a visual way. Create infographics to use in your presentation that include key stats such as:
  • Number of seats
  • Annual attendance/visitors
  • Number of suites/ballrooms/meeting rooms
  • Total square feet
  • Number of event days per year
  • Customize It. One presentation does not fit all. Always, always, always customize your presentation content to meet the unique needs of your prospect. Most organizations use a master sales presentation containing all the slides they could possibly include.  Use this master sales deck as a starting template then remove slides that don’t apply to your prospect’s specific needs and add things to create a tailored presentation such as their logo and names.
  • Make it interactive. Prospects are increasingly interacting with sales presentations and proposals on their own, with nearly 70% of them navigating the sales process on their own, through digital mediums. Make your presentation easy-to-access (send a URL versus a large PDF file) and include things like menus and guided navigation so prospects can easily self-navigate throughout your presentation.

A compelling presentation for your venue is a critical part of the sales process. When you’re developing your next venue presentation, be sure to take the tips above into consideration.