How to Create Incredible Infographics

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How to Create Incredible Infographics


Infographics are one of the best tools to use to tell a story. Human beings are visual creatures. In fact, people are 67% more likely to buy when they see visuals in sales presentations.

The bottom line? If you have a story to tell, accompanying it with strong visuals is your best chance of it resonating with your audience, and these important tools allow you to do this.

Below we explore a number of infographics used by the Houston Texans professional football team to tell their story. The images below are used to show how the Texans have increased fan engagement and viewership for their brand. Keep in mind the goals of these graphics are to persuade potential sponsors why they should advertise and support the Texans.

1. Why should you advertise with the NFL? The goal of this first image is to highlight why the NFL is such a powerful medium for advertisers. When you look at the image below, it’s clear that, if you’re considering advertising with a sports league, the NFL is your best choice due to the high level of viewership. The data below clearly tells the audience “if your goal is to gain exposure to as many sports viewers as possible, advertising with the NFL is the way to go.”

Texans Infographic Power of the NFL

2. What do the Texans offer for fan engagement on social media? Advertisers are always looking for ways to engage fans via a multi-channel approach. The graphic below does an excellent job highlighting the various social channels where the Texans provides opportunities for this. By combining numbers, text AND images of people, the infographic is able to make a data set much more engaging for its audience.

Texans Infographic Digital Media

3. Why should you place TV ads with the Texans? Next, we get into a graphic that very creatively tells the story of the reach of the Texans has throughout the region. What we love about this infographic is the way the reach is shown on the state map. As a potential advertiser, it’s easy to take in this map and quickly assess if the reach the Texans offers meets your needs.

Texans Infographics TV Dominance4. What other cross-marketing opportunities are there when you partner with the Texans? The fourth and final image we dissect below is the level of fan engagement the Texans have. Again, this image includes powerful, bold statements combined with photos of real people, the result of which is a high impact design.

Texans Infographics Fan Base

As you think of the story you are trying to tell with your sales presentations and proposals, always think about visuals. If you have a lot of powerful data to share, consider using infographics to tell your story in a different, new and exciting way.