How to Create Presentations That Meet BOTH Sales and Marketing Needs

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How to Create Presentations That Meet BOTH Sales and Marketing Needs

Marketing and sales are intersecting like never before, and the master sales presentation seems to be at the forefront of this intersection. Why? Messaging, look and development is owned by marketing, yet sales needs to be able to customize each presentation to meet the unique needs of each individual prospect.

As a result, it can be incredibly challenging to create one master sales deck that works for everyone, particularly when you get into more complex sales with multiple brands and product lines. Ultimately, organizations need to find a way to create decks that meet BOTH sales and marketing needs.

This is where using online presentation software shines, because with it, marketers can:

  • Control what content is displayed, making sure the brand story is told properly
  • Keep content up-to-date in a “master sales deck” ensuring outdated content is quickly removed
  • Push out new content changes instantly, ensuring all sales reps are working off the same presentation template
  • Create as large as deck as they need to, covering the full breadth of services and products offered, giving sales the options to choose what to or not to include in each presentation
  • See what decks sales are creating and how many they are sending out

In addition, online presentation software allows sales to:

  • Know exactly where to find the most up-to-date sales presentation, no more asking marketing where the latest deck is located
  • Quickly and easily build decks by selecting which content sections to include and which to leave out
  • Customize presentations with customer names and logos and add approved, templated sales slides when needed
  • Share presentations instantly over a personalized URL (no large file sharing headaches)
  • Receive real-time analytics and back-end tracking to see what slides were viewed and when

With advancements in technology long gone are the days where marketing and sales need to struggle with sales presentations. By making the shift to using online presentation software they can use a solution that meets both of their needs.