How to Prepare a Sales Presentation Faster


Do you spend entirely too much time building the perfect sales presentation, only to come to the sales meeting unprepared because you didn’t have enough time to research and prep?

Want to learn how to build a sales presentation faster?

In sales, speed is the often the name of the game, but when it comes to creating good sales presentations and proposals, things tend to grind to a painfully slow pace. All good sales leaders know, the faster their reps can jump on new opportunities and respond quickly, the better the outcome. reports that up to 50% of sales goes to the rep who responds first.

Unfortunately, creating sales presentations and proposals tends to slow the sales process down. The reason for this? Primarily the need to create highly customized, visually engaging presentations and detailed pricing proposals, while being limited by design restrictions and poor file sharing options (ever tried to send a PowerPoint with a large video file embedded in it? Yikes).

Here are three ways your sales reps can create presentations faster.

better-presentations-311. Use a master sales presentation. Having one master sales deck with the most updated images and content in it is one way to speed up the presentation and proposal creation process. When a sales rep has to dig through their files to find the last presentation they used then ask marketing to send them the most up-to-date images, content and videos it slows down the process tremendously. Rather than having sales reps spend this valuable selling time tracking down assets, task your marketing team with keeping an up-to-date master sales presentation on file.

2. Make it easy to customize. Using an easy interface that makes it easy for sales reps to choose what they do and do not want to include is critical for speeding up your sales process. Let’s say your sales reps can sell 10 different products, but going into their meeting, they know the prospect only cares about three of them. Instead of forcing the sales rep to spend time going through the master sales presentation and deleting individual slides, create your sales presentation using an online presentation software that makes it easy for reps to remove content. In this example, you could build your master presentation with 10 content sections and they could simply deselect the content that isn’t relevant. A process that previously took up to an hour now takes just minutes.

3. Use cloud-based presentation software for simple sharing. Nothing is worse than spending hours putting together a beautiful, high resolution PowerPoint presentation, only to learn the file size is too large to send over email. Instead of making your sales team try to figure out how to send large presentations via zip files, Dropbox, converting to PDFs or other awkward alternatives, set them up right by using an online presentation software to create and send your presentations. When you use a simple online presentation tool your reps have the ability to build their presentations right in the cloud and then simply email prospects a URL to share their presentation instantly. And not only can they easily share their presentation, but they can also see valuable analytics such as when it’s been viewed and what content were viewed the longest.

Time is money, and time spent creating sales presentations and proposals has a very tangible price tag for every business. Check out our ROI calculator to understand how much time, and money, your sales team could be saving.