The Invisible Cost of PowerPoint

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The Invisible Cost of PowerPoint

Every business in the world has a marketing team that is trying to make their brand stand apart. Yet, these same businesses are all making their first impression the exact same way – through a PowerPoint presentation.

Approximately 35 million PowerPoint presentations are given each day by an estimated 500 million users worldwide (1). Think about how crazy that is – you are trying to separate your brand from all the noise, but you are using the same presentation technique as hundreds of millions of people!

If you want to stand out from the crowd, stop following the herd. It’s time to start investing in your first impression … your presentation! Leading companies are optimizing their presentations with the same strategic focus and commitment given to their digital channels and website. And, it’s working!

Here are some of the many ways that flat presentation platforms, such as PowerPoint, are you hurting your business:

  • 67% of people are more persuaded to buy when they see powerful visuals like video in sales presentations (2). That’s powerful! Unfortunately, most businesses avoid adding amazing videos to their presentations because they don’t want to send large, cumbersome files or experience delays or lag as their slides update. The absence of compelling multimedia is also a strong contributing factor to the number one complaint against PowerPoint presentations – they are boring! As a cloud-based platform, the Digideck can help you spice up the party!
  • A study cited by the Wall Street Journal (way back in 2006) conservatively estimated $252 million in lost productivity per day due to bad slide presentations (3). Think what that number might look like today! On the flipside, Carnival Corporation estimates that the Digideck reduced the time it takes to create presentations by 90%.
  • Presentation experts believe that PowerPoint can lengthen the sales cycle! Their rationale? Poor presentations with bad slides distract buyers form your core message (4). Our platform gives access to valuable sales intelligence direct from your presentations. Outdated presentation platforms don’t allow you to see who has viewed your presentation, for how long, or when. The Digideck allows for all those things. And the best part? Sales reps get real-time alerts each time their presentation is viewed so they know exactly when (and who) is viewing their presentation at any given time.

We’re solving business problems. Contact the Digideck team today and learn how we can help you drive revenue.

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