Learfield Case Study

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Learfield demonstrates the Digideck’s ability to serve large organizations

A tremendous benefit of having partners and clients across a variety of verticals is learning about the vast spectrum of needs and use cases unique to each of their businesses. Likewise, we also get to learn a little more about ourselves in the process. Since partnering with Learfield in January of 2017, we learned that our team and product are more than up to the task of helping large organizations solve business problems.

Learfield had very ambitious plans. They needed us to launch Digidecks for 126 collegiate properties in one year. Basically, we were coordinating with 126 separate companies, each in a different location across the country, and each with their own individual needs and requirements. It brought out our best and has made us a stronger company as we move forward!

Read our case study to learn more about Learfield’s needs and challenges and how the Digideck was the answer they were looking for.

Read our Case Study