New Department Dedicated to Customer Success and Retention

New Department Dedicated to Customer Success and Retention

We’re growing! Sportsdigita is well underway with a momentous 2020 expanding into more markets than ever before with the power of Digideck. With this growth, comes an amplified level of commitment to ensuring customers have the best Digideck experience possible and unlock their highest potential with our online presentation software.

We’re proud to announce the creation of a new department at Sportsdigita centered around the heart of everything we do at our organization: our customers. Our Customer Success Management team will now have more resources to dedicate time and attention to our growing customer base of 400+ organizations worldwide.

With the proliferation of technology in the digital age, it is more important than ever to set our customers up for the best user experience with Digideck. Sportsdigita customers now not only have a dedicated Onboarding Manager to help get them started with Digideck, but also have a dedicated Customer Success Manager (CSM) to ensure successful adoption and aligned partnership after the launch process. CSM’s can help increase your team’s retention rates and answer important top-of-mind questions to maximize Digideck for your sales and marketing presentations.

We’re confident that this new department will set each individual customer up for success with Digideck and pave a path for more victories into the future as the world of technology continues to evolve and expand.

Hear From Them!

We asked our new Customer Success leaders Susan Panelli and Sara Lewandowski to talk about this new division some more including what our customers can expect:

Susan, what does this new department mean for our customers?

“It means our customers and partners’ continued success is at the center of what we do. Our focus is to ensure they achieve their desired outcomes and goals while using the Digideck platform.  We are building strong partnerships with all of our customers as their success is our success.”

Sara, what excites you about the creation of this department at Sportsdigita?

“We get to be team players! I’m really excited about the opportunity to get to know our clients (I mean, really getting to know them); to have an understanding of their overall business objectives and how Sportsdigita can help set them up to win. It gives us the opportunity to be an ally and a partner for our clients, and to make sure they have the best shot at success with our product and with their own business goals.”

Cheers to a prosperous 2020 and the best year for Customer Success yet!

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