Enhance the Value of Your Independent Sales Reps

Learn how leading companies from every sector of the economy are using the Digideck to enhance the value of their independent sales representatives.

Protect Your Brand

Companies with independent sales reps frequently share a similar concern with us: How can we be sure reps are using the most updated and timely product information to sell our products? Several of our customers employ independent sales reps and turned to the Digideck to protect their brand – including Jostens and Allied Van Lines.

Independent sales reps who have been representing brands for a long time are likely to have their own ideas on how to put PowerPoint presentations together. They’ll show slides (and products) that are old and misrepresent your brand. They are independent sales reps for a reason. They like doing things their own way and won’t proactively reach out to the marketing team to get the latest content.

Even when their marketing teams send across new information, many reps won’t take the time to download it and incorporate the content into their presentation. The Digideck solves this problem – providing your brand with control and ensuring you the ability to get materials out to sales reps in a timely and easy-to-use fashion.

Sales Intelligence and Results

Which products are being pushed? What content is being used? Which messages are working? It is not uncommon for independent reps to present many different products. Or, for new product introductions to be added to the mix.

Anytime a new product is introduced, it’s extremely difficult to connect sales results to the attention and effort your sales team gave to the product. Is a product not selling because nobody’s talking about it? In the Digideck platform, you can easily see which products the independent channels are pushing to their end clients. 

You can see which slides have been included in presentations and the products that are pushed. If you launch a new product and see that none of your sales reps are including that in their presentation, you’re probably not going to sell a lot of that product. The Digideck gives visibility into exactly which content is being used.

The Digideck has made situational fluency easy.

Now that’s Innovation in Presentation!  

Management Reports / ROI

One more benefit of the Digideck is that it provides an immediate analysis of your return on investment Your team is probably spending considerable time creating and distributing new content and material for your reps. However, you really don’t know if it’s getting used. Thanks to management reports created by the Digideck, you can clearly see who is using what, when they’re using it, and you can measure everyone’s performance against your best sellers.

There’s a clear return on investment when you use the Digideck!