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Introducing Prospect Enablement

Let Your Consumers Guide Themselves Down the Funnel

It’s no secret that today’s digital world has changed the way people buy products and services. Consumers want to do more research and evaluation on their own. Interestingly, most companies know about this shift but have failed to change their ways. They force an unwanted conversation with sales to receive early-stage information.

The Digideck helps businesses satisfy their buyer’s desire to educate themselves. Our platform allows consumers to drive themselves through the prospecting and qualifying stage – all the way to the sales stage. The contact us form is more than a way to obtain a name and contact information. It is a prime opportunity for consumers to answer questions about their needs and what interests them.

Our platform takes the information from the form data and automatically generates a Digideck presentation with relevant and personalized content for that prospect. That presentation can be sent automatically to the sales rep or automatically sent to your prospect – or both.

By answering questions, consumers are creating a lead for sales and allowing your reps to view presentation analytics that provide new found value on the first touch – pushing them further down the funnel without any effort by the seller. No cold calling or assembling of disparate sales materials required.

Your sales reps now have instant access to customized content that will drive a conversation with your prospects. This content is relevant – or uniquely qualified – because it is based upon information they are asking for. Your sales reps will be more effective as they customize their pitch based on this initial intel and hammer home the key messages that are sure to resonate.

Contact us and learn how to utilize the Digideck at the top of the funnel before a direct dialogue begins

– allowing your sales reps to engage consumers further down the funnel.