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Top Sales Reps Rely On Situational Fluency

Are Your Presentations Helping Them?

Linear = bad

A good sales presentation is conversational, flexible and goes with the flow. Unfortunately, linear presentations negate these key attributes before your sales reps can build rapport and establish the free flow of good discussion.

Good sales reps want their audience talking. It empowers them and make them feel they are steering the conversation.

The Digideck was designed so that your sales reps can flow in and out of different slides and chapters based on the direction of the discussion and the spontaneous questions that result from this spontaneity. The ability to remain flexible and adapt keeps conversations relevant and your audiences engaged!

Jump Around!

Jumping around to stay on topic might sound counterintuitive. But sure enough, jumping around within the Digideck can help you stay in the moment.

When a presentation changes directions, you don’t want to be caught fumbling through your presentation as you look for content that is 20 slides away, err … maybe it was it 12 slides away? You get the picture, this is not a pleasant experience for your customer or your sales rep.  

We made it easy to pivot and maneuver within your Digideck. Anywhere within a presentation, you are a simple click away from viewing the chapter menu in your presentation. And, it is easy to view and access all the individual slides within any chapter via a slider with a bird’s-eye view of all your content.  

The Digideck has made situational fluency easy.

Now that’s Innovation in Presentation!  

Sound Familiar?

Here’s a scenario that might be all too familiar. There are just ten minutes left in a meeting and a boatload of information remains uncovered. Your sales rep will need to jump ahead to the most critical content in hopes of landing a second meeting. Luckily, you can send the full presentation as follow up and use the Digideck’s engagement analytics to gain valuable insights on the topics that were not covered in person.