Stand out from your competition by enabling media-rich storytelling with every presentation. Digideck is a powerful solution for those in the Technology industry looking to generate stronger partnerships and higher ROIs. See how our own Technology partners are using Digideck for a variety of use cases. It’s time to stop selling, and start connecting.

“Since COVID-19 happened, Digideck has made a massive impact for us in the past 3 months. So much so, that we will probably see a 20% increase in revenue this year”

—Jim Wolford, CEO & Co-Founder, Atomic Data


Game Day Technology uses Digideck to bring their Enterprise technology and representation for large and medium venues to life.

Aureon’s sellers use Digideck to present their internet and data network, cloud and data center, security, and the remainder of their service offerings.

APEX Clearing leverages Digideck to present their Technical and Business solutions for the digital world including custody & clearing options.

Atomic Data uses Digideck for their introductory conversations about IT services and follows up with the customized presentation link that aligns with the goal’s of the prospect to supplement the sales process.

Itel Laboratories, Inc. uses Digideck to present the services for each category of their offerings to insurance companies across the nation.

HockeyTech is a worldwide leader in providing hockey-related technologies, analytics, digital, and information services that uses Digideck to sell their multitude of technology offerings.


We spend time learning your brand, study your guidelines, and understand your vision.


We share best practices and out-of-the-box ideas that bring life to your content.


We present a variety of design concepts and build your Master Deck based on your input.


Once the design process is complete, we train all your users either in-person or online.