Written in Partnership with Bynder

The saying goes “You never get a second chance at a first impression,” and for organizations, your branding can make or break a prospect’s first impression of your company.

To make a strong first impression and create an affinity to your brand from the point of first interaction, you must be consistent, clear, and compelling with your story and brand representation. In fact, brand consistency is not only critical to your prospect’s impression of your business, but it is also critical to your bottom line. According to Inc. and a recent study by Lucidpress & Demand Metricorganizations with consistent brand messaging reported 23% higher revenue numbers than those who lacked brand consistency. Furthermore, there is a large gap between companies practicing brand consistency and those who are not.

“95% of organizations have branding guidelines, but only 1/4 have formal guidelines that are consistently enforced.”

—Lucidpress & Demand Metric

The question then becomes, how do you successfully get your organization on board with implementing and executing brand consistency? Sportsdigita, in partnership with Bynder lists the 3 most powerful ways to enforce brand consistency across your entire organization: 





Brand Guidelines help teams know the rules on how to best represent your brand. With a 20% increase in digital touchpoints each year, it can be difficult to effectively monitor your brand to fit those channels. That is why with any successful organization-wide branding initiative it is important to have someone (or a department) dedicated to ensuring it is adopted properly.

For Brand Consistency Initiatives, it is usually best to pick someone in Marketing who is passionate about your brand and messaging to wear this hat. The “Champion” can host Lunch N’ Learns, set up monthly invites, or simply check-in periodically to make sure your team is on the same page. If there are any gaps in your brand guidelines, you’re leaving room for interpretation that could end up hurting communication. Communication and execution are paramount to Brand Consistency.  

Read Bynder’s guide to Brand Guidelines. 


While having an internal champion is important for brand consistency, implementing software that actually reinforces your brand is the most precise way to stay on-brand 100% of the time. For this, there are several types of software that can help with reinforcement:

  • Digital Asset Management (DAM) – Only when brand assets are centralized, can they be distributed to internal and external parties in a consistent, efficient way. DAM softwares, such as Bynder, allows teams to manage and distribute all digital assets from one place for your entire organization as well as external parties to access. This ensures that all stakeholders  are only accessing marketing-approved brand assets. 
  • Presentation Platform – Cloud-based Presentation Platforms such as Digideck enable all sales pitches, proposals, RFP responses, and presentations to stay on-brand with the click of a few buttons. Marketing creates the “Master Deck’ which houses all slides your organization could potentially ever need, and sellers can then select slides from their Master Deck to create each custom presentation. This keeps sellers on-brand while giving Marketing piece-of-mind knowing communication with prospects is brand consistent. Additionally, Digideck’s Open API enables organizations to integrate with Bynder and other pieces of their Technology Stack to further optimize the selling process.


Like with any organization-wide initiative, metrics are key to success stories. Implementing KPI’s to measure your success with Brand Consistency will help your organization further optimize and sell your processes up through Leadership with ease. Brand KPI’s can include:

  • Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)
  • Conversion Rate
  • Net Promoter Score (NPS) 
  • And more. 

Capturing your unique ROI story and sharing those metrics with your team or investors will help keep your team on-track and poised for positive returns as your Brand Consistency further matures.

Implementing Brand Consistency practices within your organization will fundamentally change the way your business operates and succeeds in this information-heavy digital world. That’s why Digideck has created an integration with the Digital Asset Management platform, Bynder. With this integration, users can access all of their image files from their central repository, housed within Bynder, all without ever having to leave the Digideck platform. Cut through the noise and get consistent and clear with your Brand. Make a positive first impression of your Brand and watch your ROI story come to life with these tips and tricks