What is Online Presentation Software?

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What is Online Presentation Software?


Online presentation software is quickly becoming one of the most in-demand sales and marketing technologies on the market today. Fitting into the Sales Engagement Platform (SEP) market, online presentation tools are a growing market, predicted to increase from a $700 million market today to a $5 billion market in 2021.

But what exactly is it? We all understand it’s presentation software to help build and store presentations, but the info below explores this further.


Online presentation software is a cloud-based platform where you can login and create presentations in the cloud. Unlike PowerPoint and other desktop applications, there is no download required and you work on your presentations right online.


Because online presentation software is in the cloud, and an advanced digital technology, there are many benefits over traditional desktop presentation software:

  • Unlimited file sizes. There are no storage issues in the cloud. This means you can make a presentation as large as you’d like with videos, high res images, infographics, GIFs and more. If you’ve ever created a massive PowerPoint deck, gone to save it and had the whole thing crash, you know what a huge benefit this is. Not to mention the ability to use as much rich multimedia as you want, to make your presentation more visual and appealing to audiences.
  • Easy sharing. Because you’re building your presentation online, you’re also storing it online, meaning you don’t have to send a huge PDF or zip drive file. You can simply send a link when your presentation is ready to be viewed. Not only is this easy for you to do, but it’s easy for the recipient to click on it and instantly view your presentation.
  • Analytics. As with anything stored in the cloud, online software allows you to see advanced analytics so you can view when your presentation has been viewed, for how long and on what slides. You also can receive real-time notifications to know when someone has clicked on your URL to view your presentation.

With easy-to-use online presentation software like the Digideck you can quickly choose the pre-built slides needed to build the perfect deck, quickly.

How it Works

There are slight nuances between each type of cloud presentation software, but for most tools you simply log into your software and start building. Typically, you start by choosing your deck template; best practice is to use a pre-built template that has been created and customized specifically for you and your company. From there you can either create new slides, or easily select from pre-built slides customized for your product. Once that’s complete you now have a completed presentation, which you can then customize further as needed, drilling into each slide and using the web editor tool to make changes. Once your presentation is complete you simply generate a link to share and send it as needed.

Pre-Built Templates and Slides

Companies who want to save time and increase brand consistency are increasingly using pre-built presentation templates and slides. Many companies already use a standard PowerPoint template, but with online presentation software you can take it a step further and build out a complete master deck, stylized to meet your specific brand guidelines and containing all your key product, marketing and sales content in one place.

By creating a master sales deck you’re able to ensure all users are always working off the most updated presentation to maintain total brand consistency. In addition, sales and account teams can very quickly create presentations. Whereas building a PowerPoint from scratch can take hours, using online presentation software these teams can create a new presentation within minutes.

When you use online presentation software you open yourself up to a world of new possibilities. What before was a very limiting tool that allowed for minimal design, multimedia and slow assembly, is now replaced with a robust tool that allows you to do many more things, faster.