Your Complete Sales Technology Stack

Sales technology platforms are evolving at a blistering pace. Prospecting, marketing, design, meeting, and tracking technologies have advanced significantly changing the playing field for sales organizations everywhere. From prospecting to close, Digideck provides cohesive, all-in-one sales solutions with a fully integrated technology stack. Empower your team to save time and resources throughout the entire sales cycle inside one singular platform: Digideck. 

Sportsdigita is a one-of-a-kind organization bringing together leading software platforms to solve enterprise market challenges with one cloud-based, presentation platform, Digideck. Serving over 400+ sports & business organizations, Sportsdigita strives to help transform your sales and marketing processes in the digital age. This is where creativity and technology meet to solve sales & marketing challenges. Combining powerful software such as Salesforce, Canva, and Gong with Digideck unlocks limitless possibilities throughout the entire, virtual sales funnel experience.


Digideck Integrations

Ease of Prospecting 


In today’s prospecting environment generic messaging and content meant for the masses will no longer grab the attention of prospects. They want to know you can solve their pain points. Introducing prospects to your brand with segmented and persona-based content via an interactive, dynamic experience will get more of these coveted prospects into the top of the sales funnel.

Digideck’s integrations with marketing automation platforms such as Hubspot and Pardot extend the capabilities of the combined technologies to better offer that individual prospect experience.

The ability to augment prospecting campaigns by embedding lead generation forms into cloud-based decks, creating personalized industry-specific presentations from synced lead data, and gathering key analytics from presentation interactions has made these Digideck integration partners popular with sales and marketing revenue teams. 

Having media-rich, premade content specific for prospect segments readily accessible in your marketing automation platform speeds up prospecting and increases the quality of the experience for the potential buyer.

Increased Personalization through your CRM


Traditional presentation tactics such as generic, large-file sales decks in mass emails are a thing of the past. According to Hubspot, 92% of consumers expect a personalized experience when in the marketing and sales funnel. That is up from 85% in 2019. With modern technology and two-way integrations, curating content to fit the needs of your audience is seamless. Providing valuable content and personalization to your audience will increase engagement, gain trust, and accelerate your close rates. 

Partnering with Microsoft Dynamics 365, Hubspot, and Salesforce, Sportsdigita offers world-class CRM platforms right at the fingertips of Digideck users. 

Digideck’s CRM integrations offer the ability to create more personalized experiences for prospects through the entire buyer’s journey. Digideck users are building dynamic, brand-specific sales presentations that are pre-configured based on relevant data for specific opportunities within their CRM. Efficiently, all done with the click of a button to sync contact data from the CRM to Digideck.

Seamlessly Create Engaging Design


Enabling your sales and marketing teams with ease, accessibility, and on-brand graphic assets to engage their target audience is important. Virtual sales can be challenging to keep a listener active, providing rich visuals that are personalized will gain and keep the audience’s attention longer. The graphics in virtual selling should convey your brand message to create a seamless, intriguing presentation enticing active listening.

Sportsdigita partners with industry-leading design platforms such as Bynder and Canva to provide ease, brand governance, and efficiency within the Digideck presentation platform.

Canva’s design platform empowers the world to design anything and publish anywhere. Digideck’s integration unlocks Canva’s extensive content library, enabling Digideck’s user community to create high impact, professional designs to support their Digideck experiences. This integration is a unified user interface, which means anyone can edit imagery and creativity without ever leaving the Digideck platform, saving users considerable time. It provides users a highly streamlined experience that will further enhance the presentations they create using Digideck.

Bynder’s digital asset management platform enables teams to collaborate in the cloud, get content to market faster, and maximize the impact of marketing assets. While Digideck has its built-in asset management system, this integration makes it easy for teams already set up in Bynder to start using Digideck. All Bynder assets are easily accessible and used from within the Digideck platform.

Compelling Virtual Engagement


In the sales and marketing world, the term “engagement” has evolved considerably in the last 5-10 years and exponentially in the past 12 months. Prospect engagement went from leaning towards more of a digital relationship to full, cloud-based interactions. Digital interactions have overtaken traditional sales engagement strategies. According to the McKinsey study, Unlocking Success in Digital Transformations, digital interaction post covid is twice as important as it was pre-covid.

All of this has forced sales and marketing teams to adjust their approach and focus on technology stacks that will help them find a new level of engagement and deliver new prospect experiences. Hence, the quickening evolution of sales enablement platforms.

Within our cloud-based Digideck platform, Digideck Live is enabling sales teams to speed up the sales funnel process and close deals faster by offering real-time engagement funnels that give prospects an experience that is tailored to them.

Capture What Matters in the Sales Funnel 


Listening, analyzing, and capturing your audience’s interactions has increasingly become more critical in the virtual world. This transformation relies heavily on the shift from in-person engagement to digital platforms coupled with relationship-building strategies. Sales teams need to find new, personalized ways to build trusting partnerships with prospects and clients, virtually. Effective follow-up and customized solutions help drive the relationship growth. Enabling sales teams with tools that record important conversations allows for real-time feedback, understanding of the conversation, and helps strategize around the prospect’s challenges and needs.

Gong has quickly gained popularity as the dominant sales recording platform. Coupled with Digideck Live, users will be able to record their Live sessions within the Digideck platform, instantaneously sync that recording to their Gong account, and utilize all the functionality that has made Gong so popular. 

Measure the Experience


Discovering the value provided throughout multiple technology stacks is daunting but essential to show return on investment. Enabling your sales and marketing teams with tools to analyze trends and data regarding their presentations will result in higher-quality meetings and increased close rates.

Digideck offers analytic tools and reporting to monitor and measure the effectiveness of content through reporting dashboards. Gain insights into what parts of your presentation interest buyers the most with slide view reporting including device and browser type, as well as contact information for each viewer. Sellers are immediately notified once a customer or prospect views the presentation. View data in aggregate to gauge the effectiveness of all your content and access seller activity reports for managers.

Pairing Digideck with popular CRM and marketing automation integrations further expand the measurement capabilities and offers increased analytics to form quick and more personalized funnel experiences.