You’re smart! Why aren’t your presentations?

Is your presentation platform saving you time or eating your time? Do your presentation changes reach the sales fleet on the fly? Are you leveraging CRM integrations and sales analytics within your presentation platform? The Digideck solves these business problems and so much more.

We’re experts at creating revenue-enhancing solutions for enterprise sales and marketing professionals. Here are some of the newest business-solving Digideck features:

  • Preselects – Digideck can automatically populate your presentations with selected content from your CRM or Marketing Automation platform. Take advantage of predetermined content based on market verticals, product, geography and much more.
  • Master Styles – Make full template change across your presentation with the click of a button. Easily swap styles within your master deck based on different brands or product needs.
  • Instant Branding – Are you using the same pitch for different brands? Easily install a new set of logos, company marks and color schemes throughout an entire presentation within seconds.
  • Image Editor – Make key image changes without leaving our platform. Crop, rotate, edit text and images, and adjust lighting directly in the Digideck.

We’re closing the loop between sales enablement and marketing automation – see for yourself and take our demo!