Don’t ask sellers to spend time crunching numbers.
Give them the data they need to sell more.

Analytics For Your Entire Team

Create more opportunities with your presentation data.

1. Your Sales Leaders' Data

  • See how many presentations your sellers created
  • Check how many presentations per seller were created
  • Compare your stats to previous weeks/months/quarters

2. Your Individual Sellers’ Data

  • See who opened your presentation
  • Receive email notifications when your presentations are viewed
  • Learn how long your buyer looked at each slide

3. Your Marketing Leaders’ Data

  • View the total time a slide was viewed across all presentations
  • See what slides are used the most


Create More

In the beginning of your buyers’ journey, listening, understanding, and leveraging their insights is imperative for your sellers to convert more first meetings into opportunities.

Not only will your buyers’ experience improve, but also your entire sales process can be shortened by giving your buyers the information they want right away.


Too much data – not enough action:
Your buyers tell you everything they’re feeling, but that doesn’t help sellers connect solutions to their most urgent needs. Sales cycles only get longer without the right input.


Buyer insights in one spot:
Arm your sellers with actionable data from your DIGIDECK that can be viewed in your CRM. In a few seconds, your sellers can see who to target, how to target, and engage with them immediately.

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