DIGIDECK is a web-based presentation software that outperforms traditional, boring PowerPoints with interactive designs, viewership analytics for increased visibility, built-in brand consistency, and automations that remove the need for manual processes.


How Does DIGIDECK Work?

Creating your sales demo presentation or proposal begins as soon as you open DIGIDECK via Salesforce or a browser. Choose slides most applicable to your needs by either answering a simple questionnaire or individually selecting from a library of branded slides.

Once your presentation has been created, you can customize your content to better resonate with your intended audience. Tools like DIGIDECK AI Assist, Layout Manager and the Template Store help you update text, images, videos, and more with just a few simple prompts.

Once you’ve added all the finishing touches, it’s time to deliver your content. Because DIGIDECK is a cloud-based platform and presentations are sent via url, presenting virtually or in-person is easier than ever. Plus, potential issues such as wifi availability or file size are a thing of the past!

Once your audience has the presentation url, they can open and view it anytime. Real–time alerts via email, Slack or other preferred communication tool let you know exactly when that happens, prompting you to open the presentation software on any device and start a conversation.  

In addition to those prompts, DIGIDECK analytics track the content that most resonates with your audience, allowing you to follow-up accordingly. Take it a step further by integrating your CRM and automating your follow-up emails and other actions.

See For Yourself

Click through the examples below to see how DIGIDECK’s revenue-fueling presentation platform can help you accelerate sales, increase pipeline velocity, and create automated content that drives results.

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Integrate your favorite tools with DIGIDECK for a seamless, automated experience across your tech stack. Don’t see your go-to tool here? DIGIDECK’s open API makes just about any integration possible — just ask our team!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Find the answers sales and marketing pros like you need the most.

DIGIDECK is a web-based presentation platform built to accelerate revenue and increase efficiencies for sales and marketing teams. It goes beyond pretty presentations with scalable customization, trackable analytics, and seamless CRM integrations.

DIGIDECK presentation decks are great for in-person and virtual presentations as its immersive capabilities quickly draw in audiences in any setting. DIGIDECK is mobile-optimized and has similar functionality to a website, so even if your audience is constantly on the go, they can view your presentation exactly as intended.

The DIGIDECK platform also includes an offline app, which allows users to view presentations whether or not they have WiFi access.

DIGIDECK’s User Interface is designed to be intuitive and easy to use. Once users are onboarded and trained, there should be little to no barriers to building custom presentations right away. 

If you ever run into questions or issues, you can either reach out to your dedicated Customer Success Manager or our support team, available via phone, email and live chat.

Your DIGIDECK creation time depends on what you’re looking for. Manually selecting individual slides will take longer than utilizing automated questionnaires and form submissions. However, all DIGIDECKs come with a “Master Deck” of every slide you could need for future presentations. So whether you manually select slides or utilize automations, you’re saving valuable time compared to creating presentations from scratch.

Presentations created from external Demand Gen forms are typically delivered in less than 5 minutes, giving your prospect exactly what they need in less time than it takes to make another pot of coffee.

PowerPoint and other presentation software allow users to create electronic presentations from either blank or pre-existing templates. The DIGIDECK presentation platform goes beyond that to help support more robust sales processes. For example, companies with established branding take advantage of Marketing pre-approved, brand-specific slides and content— all stored in a central library. Plus, Marketing has the ability to restrict editing capabilities depending on the user.

DIGIDECK also differs from PowerPoint by providing viewership analytics, time-saving automations, and CRM integrations.

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