Make the most of your current tech stack by connecting existing software and applications with DIGIDECK. Then, let DIGIDECK’s analytics arm you and your teams with actionable insights into what your audience really cares about. Cut out the guesswork and jumping around and start delivering a better customer experience.

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Utilize Your Technology to its Full Potential

Reduce the need to jump from program to program with DIGIDECK fueling your tech stack. Easy integrations and connections keep your data and information in one platform and helps your sales and marketing teams move further, faster.


Our powerful DIGIDECK integration with Salesforce allows you to create personalized, data-driven presentations directly within Salesforce, saving time, boosting engagement, and closing more deals. Empower your team to complete the entire sales journey from one tab, one browser using this strategic integration.

Elevate sales efficiency and enhance the personalized buyer journey with the HubSpot CRM and DIGIDECK integration. This strategic collaboration offers a reliable and secure solution to streamline presentation creation and delivery, empowering your sales team to save time creating content and spend more time driving revenue.

Drive deeper engagement and track results seamlessly with the powerful combination of DIGIDECK's captivating presentations and Marketo's advanced marketing automation. With both presentation performance and audience engagement data stored directly within Marketo, you can gain a comprehensive understanding of your marketing efforts.

Tired of juggling Dynamics CRM data and DIGIDECK slides? Say goodbye to the manual grind and hello to effortless synergy with our powerful integration. Now, you can craft personalized, data-driven presentations directly from your CRM, saving time, boosting efficiency, and closing more deals.

Looking to simplify sponsorship presentations while leveraging valuable CRM data? The DIGIDECK integration with KORE Sponsorship offers a streamlined solution for building impactful presentations, boosting team efficiency, and enhancing customer engagement for your sponsors and key stakeholders.

Our SponsorCX Integration is most popular with Sports & Entertainment customers looking to automate content with pricing included. Create DIGIDECK content directly from within the Sponsor CX platform. Automate asset slides with images and asset descriptions, and pricing from SponsorCX.

Additional Add-Ons For Your Favorite Apps

No more clunky downloads or frustrating file conversions. Seamlessly weave captivating YouTube videos, Canva templates, and personalized videos from BombBomb. DIGIDECK streamlines your workflow, letting you focus on what matters most.

Imagine crafting and sending stunningly visual presentations without ever leaving one single tab. That's what the DIGIDECK and Canva add-on brings to you. Now, seamlessly create, import, and edit professional-looking designs directly within your DIGIDECK presentations.

Ready to give your presentations the movement, power, and impact they deserve? With DIGIDECK's seamless YouTube add-on, you can effortlessly embed engaging videos directly into your slides in just a few clicks, taking your storytelling to new heights.

Inject a dose of personality and authenticity into your presentations using DIGIDECK's seamless integration with BombBomb. You can now effortlessly embed personalized videos directly into your slides, creating connections that resonate and drive results.

“DIGIDECK brought our storytelling to the next level while simultaneously driving results.”

“DIGIDECK’s integration with Salesforce allows our team to easily track presentation views and follow up to prospects with highly targeted communication ultimately driving more meaningful conversations and overall success stories.”

– John Watson, Yellow Flag Productions,
VP Sales

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