“The Digideck makes us more effective by helping us tell stories and connect with people in the moment to build relationships. They also make us more efficient, measured, and strategic in our sales process.”

Greg Economou, Chief Commercial Officer

“The flashiness of the Digideck is a selling point. We are working with meeting planners and competing against a lot of other destinations. They are looking at PowerPoints, so the Digideck helps to set us apart. We’re using something different, something that catches people’s attention right off the bat.”

Bruce McGregor, Director of Operations

“The Digideck product delivers a dynamic platform to engage prospects and current partners and provides a solution to making sure our sales and activation teams even more efficient in driving revenue for each of our properties.”

Jim Denn, Vice President/General Manager

“The Digideck is more in-line with today’s business needs. We like the fact that everything is easy to access. It allows each of our reps to deliver customized, professional presentations from any location. The presentations are easy to put together for each school and they remain consistent with the Jostens brand.”

Claudia Fierro-Poppen, Director of Marketing

“Sportsdigita’s Digideck has significantly upgraded our premium presentation capabilities. Gone are the days of dated creative and inconsistent messaging. The Digideck has provided our sales and service staff with a turnkey, intuitive, engaging and customizable tool to use for sales proposals, renewal conversations and annual recaps with current and prospective premium partners.

Additionally, the backend analytics have given our team insight into how quickly and often our prospects are viewing our presentations. From initial concept to product launch, the Sportsdigita team has provided best-in-class customer service and support. We look forward to continuing our partnership with Sportsdigita for years to come!”

Rob Sullivan, SVP of Premium Sales & Service

“The numerous benefits of the Digideck sell itself. When you are able to walk into a meeting and tell a client they can create custom, on-brand presentations on the fly – and have live analytics – it’s a no brainer! Working with the Digideck team has been like working with a true partner. They help us bring the stories and content we develop for our clients to life.”

Malarie Holmes, Director of Digital & CRM Strategy

“The Digideck makes our presentations innovative and 100% real time. There is no longer a question of which stat is current; with a couple of clicks in the Digideck we can update all of our presentations at once. This is imperative given how quickly the numbers change in our business. The Digideck allows us to customize presentations and easily tailor only the relevant information for each meeting. Our team has transitioned into telling stories rather than reciting facts. Our investors also love the Digideck because it has given them a platform to tout their success as a partner with the Dallas Regional Chamber. As the most impactful business organization in North Texas, this technology allows the Dallas Regional Chamber to always be a step ahead.”

Meghan Kelley Wehner, VP Membership & Revenue Growth

“Sportsdigita’s solution allows us to create custom templates and adjust those options easily and efficiently. Before using the Digideck, our presentation tool did not allow us to be this organized. Our team is more efficient, we can communicate our messages better, and we can easily collaborate on edits and changes. The Digideck has streamlined our process so that we can easily add content and services for all AEG properties while giving each a unique feel. Most importantly, our clients are enjoying an interactive experience because of the Digideck.”

Nenah Bondi, Marketing Design Specialist

“The Digideck has separated Barrett-Jackson from the competition by bringing our proposals to life! After the first deck we sent to a sponsorship prospect, their initial comments were ‘This is one of the most impressive presentations we’ve ever received.’ The system’s capabilities and user-friendly interface make it fun to create best-in-class sales presentations. The Digideck team has been great to work with and we’d recommend the platform to anyone looking to raise their game (and revenues).”

Peter Lubell, VP, Corporate Partnerships

“As a technology-focused, modern brand, the Digideck has been a great platform for our sales presentations at Prevent Biometrics. We like that our reps can build custom, “on-brand” presentations and distribute them easily with the simple sharing of a link. The Digideck has a number of useful features that have been embraced by our team and Sportsdigita has delivered friendly, responsive support whenever we’ve had an issue. I’m a big fan!”

David Sigel, Chief Marketing Officer

“The Digideck is an indispensable tool for sales and service executives. Helping us shorten our sales cycle and creating efficiencies among our reps is invaluable.”

Andrew Silverman, Chief Revenue Officer

“We have thoroughly enjoyed working with the entire Digideck team. Digideck is on the cutting edge of new technology and that’s a place where the Lakers want to be. ”

Blain Skinner, Executive Director, Corporate Partnerships

“We feel confident the Digideck enhances the prospecting process. For us it’s a storytelling piece and makes us look more professional rather than sending a large PDF.”

Jason Player, CIO and CMO

“The Digideck has allowed us to create customized, professional and impactful presentations, and in quicker turn-around times, than ever before. The platform allows us to present the Anaheim Ducks brand and our capabilities in the best way possible.”

Graham Siderius, Director of Corporate Partnerships

“It’s much faster and much more efficient than putting together a PowerPoint presentation. The sparkle and pizazz of the platform is why we love it!”

Michael Bayona, Supervisor, Casino VIP Services

“The Digideck is a powerful and effective way for us to deliver value to current partners and create proposals to prospecting clients. The sales platform is entirely interactive and allows us to engage with our partners through visual presentations that they connect with.”

Amy Sprangers, Vice President of Corporate Partnerships and Suite Sales

“The Digideck from Sportsdigita was a gamechanger for the way we create presentations. It has made the process of producing eye-popping presentations fun and easy for our team. The tracking and analytics are solid and the sky is the limit on what we can achieve with the help of Sportsdigita.”

Chris Jackson, Affiliate Sales and Marketing Manager