Don’t limit your Marketing and Demand Generation efforts by using outdated approaches and programs. DIGIDECK presentations can help you better support your company’s sales efforts through smoother collaborations, enhanced personalization and 24/7 outreach.

Connect With Your Leads In One Fell Swoop

Capture and impress leads with automated personalization and nearly instant response time. A simple online form is all it takes to gather the necessary information to turn around a relevant and engaging presentation they’ll actually want to view.

  • Customize content based on audience responses
  • Stand out from the crowd with a personalized experience
  • Get your information in their hands moments after they submit a form


Quit jumping from program to program to gather necessary prospect and customer information. Work from a single, always-available system. Once integrated, DIGIDECK becomes a single source of truth and helps streamline the sales process for your sales team. Reduce time spent manually inputting data.

A Library Of Branded Solutions Awaits You

Simplify the presentation creation process with DIGIDECK’s Master Deck, a set of pre-populated slides that have already met Marketing’s standards and approvals. Give your Sales teams creative power to make each presentation their own without worrying that they’ll stray too far from your brand standards.

  • Enhance your own creative content with features such as interactive menus, self-guided navigation and video backgrounds
  • Cloud-based slides are available 24/7 and helps significantly decrease the amount of time spent creating, editing and proofing presentations


There are many great ways to utilize DIGIDECK. Our partners have found success in using DIGIDECK’s platform for . . .  

Gated Content

Make your gated content something people are willing to provide their information in order to unlock with engaging and interactive features that go far beyond the typical pdf.

Sales Support

Help Sales put their best foot forward with on-brand, pre-approved content they can quickly customize and send out to their prospects.

Demand Generation

Generate more revenue, demo requests and leads for your Sales teams with simple forms and faster response times, resulting in a better overall audience experience.

“Not only was our client’s Head of Presentations impressed with the work we were doing, he was just as impressed with the way we delivered it.”

“We thought DIGIDECK was just going to be used by the Business Development team. What it is quickly turning into is a tool that the Art Directors, Creative Directors, Graphic Artists are all starting to get very excited about how we can deliver unique proposals and unique work, not just our capabilities presentation.”
–Scott Kerr, INVNT GROUP, Chief Sales Officer

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