Don’t limit your Marketing and Demand Generation efforts by using outdated approaches and programs. DIGIDECK’s presentation platform can help you better support your company’s sales efforts through smoother collaborations, enhanced personalization and 24/7 outreach.

Rethink How You Market

There are many great ways to utilize DIGIDECK. Our partners have found success in using DIGIDECK’s presentation platform for . . .

Gated Content

Make your gated content something people are willing to provide their information in order to unlock with engaging and interactive features that go far beyond the typical pdf.

Sales Support

Enable Sales to put their best foot forward with on-brand, pre-approved content they can quickly customize and send out to their prospects.

Demand Generation

Generate more revenue, demo requests and leads for your Sales teams with simple forms and faster response times, resulting in a better overall audience experience.

Automate Demand Generation Efforts

Spending way too much time on content for leads that don’t go anywhere?
DIGIDECK presentations help streamline marketing automation through:

Step 1: Simple Form Fill

Make it easy for your prospects to get their hands on your information. A simple online form fill triggers the creation of an automated presentation based on their form answers in less than one minute.

As for you, the seller? Keep prospecting and selling to others as DIGIDECK does the work.

Step 2: Custom Presentation in Your Inbox

Instantly, your prospect will receive their custom presentation. Using CRM integrations, you can easily personalize and perfect the corresponding message, giving them an idea of what it’s like to work with you.

You’ll be notified as soon as they open the presentation. This gives you an opportunity to jump into the presentation and chat or video conference via DIGIDECK Live. This is a proven way to successfully engage them as they’re viewing your information. In fact, a 1-minute response time can lead to 391% more conversions according to

All the while, you can keep that flywheel spinning with uninterrupted prospecting and selling.

Step 3: Real-Time Analytics

Since your presentation has thoroughly impressed your prospect, they’ll likely forward the presentation url onto other decision makers as they evaluate your offerings.

You can take advantage of DIGIDECK’s real-time analytics to see what slides they engaged with the most and/or spent the most time on. This insight can help you get a better idea of what they’re looking for and where you should take your conversation next.

A Library Of Branded Solutions Awaits You

Simplify the presentation creation process with DIGIDECK’s Master Deck, a set of pre-populated slides that have already met Marketing’s standards and approvals. Give your Sales teams creative power to make each presentation their own without worrying that they’ll stray too far from your brand standards.

  • Enhance your own creative content with features such as interactive menus, self-guided navigation and video backgrounds
  • Cloud-based slides are available 24/7 and helps significantly decrease the amount of time spent creating, editing and proofing presentations

“Not only was our client’s Head of Presentations impressed with the work we were doing, he was just as impressed with the way we delivered it.”

“We thought DIGIDECK was just going to be used by the Business Development team. What it is quickly turning into is a tool that the Art Directors, Creative Directors, Graphic Artists are all starting to get very excited about how we can deliver unique proposals and unique work, not just our capabilities presentation.”

–Scott Kerr, INVNT GROUP, Chief Sales Officer

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Director of Marketing
Director of MarketingG2 Reviewer
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"The dynamic, interactive nature. Plus consistency controls via the Master Deck enable marketers to define the message, keep things up-to-date, and restrict changes. Customizations for the specific prospect make the content feel more tailored and unique."
VP, Marketing
VP, MarketingG2 Reviewer
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"Editing and creative process. Insights and engagement. Branding and storytelling. Sales and marketing in lock-step. Access to design and creative team at DIGIDECK"
User in Marketing & Advertising
User in Marketing & AdvertisingG2 Reviewer
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"I love that when a recipient opens the deck, I receive an email notification. After seeing they are viewing, I follow up and they typically get right back to me, as it is still top of mind."
Senior Business Systems Analyst
Senior Business Systems AnalystG2 Reviewer
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"It is the main software behind our company's success. It transforms our sales into a relationship with our clients and helps us provide the best quality services. DIGIDECK is the name of business growth."

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