Toss your dated brochures and bid books to give tourists the real taste of your destination. In the competitive world of tourism, crafting magnetic proposals that convert curiosity into bookings is essential. As the preferred immersive presentation software for Destination Marketing Organizations (DMOs), DIGIDECK helps you do just that.

Digital Bid Books as Dynamic as Your Destination

DIGIDECK is a game-changing platform designed to help you create interactive, personalized proposals that leave a lasting impression on tourists, businesses, and key stakeholders. Go beyond standard itineraries and flat descriptions with:

Breathtaking Visual Experiences

Immerse travelers in your destination’s beauty with captivating panoramas that showcase hidden gems and iconic landmarks.

Interactive Maps & Attractions

Let travelers explore your offerings visually with dynamic maps that highlight must-see experiences and curated itineraries.

Personalized Multimedia

Embed captivating videos and photos that showcase vibrant culture, local cuisine, and the unique heartbeat of your destination.

Customizable Content Modules

Tailor your proposal to specific traveler segments and intents by dynamically adapting content in just a few clicks.

See For Yourself

Allow your visitors to get an accurate taste of your unique destination with a customized presentation from DIGIDECK. Click through the examples below to see how DIGIDECK will help your DMO increase engagement, expedite sales, and save valuable time.

Turn Prospects
Into Visitors

DIGIDECK isn’t just about wow-factor visuals. It equips you with data-driven insights that drive bookings.

  • Real-Time Engagement Tracking: See which pages visitors spend the most time on, allowing you to tailor your follow-up communication.

  • Lead Scoring & Conversion Tracking: Identify high-interest travelers, businesses, and events in order to optimize your outreach for maximum booking potential.

  • Detailed Performance Reports: Gain valuable insights into proposal effectiveness and refine your content for even greater impact.

What’s In It for Your DMO?

The most striking presentation in the world doesn’t mean anything for your DMO if it can’t convert leads into revenue. DIGIDECK users have gained impressive benefits for their organizations, including:

  • Increased Bookings: Convert more travel dreams into reality with captivating proposals that showcase your destination’s unique charms and hidden gems.

  • Higher Visitor Engagement: Drive deeper interest and excitement with personalized content that lets travelers explore your offerings before stepping foot in your destination.

  • Improved Booking Value: Tailor proposals to traveler preferences and budgets, maximizing the value and appeal of your destination packages.

Ready to start creating dream-worthy proposals with valuable real-time analytics?

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“The flashiness of DIGIDECK is a selling point.”

“We are working with meeting planners and competing against a lot of other destinations. They are looking at PowerPoints, so DIGIDECK helps to set us apart. We’re using something different, something that catches people’s attention right off the bat.”

Bruce McGregor
Director of Operations

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