Your fans, members, and partners expect ticketing solutions tailored to their needs. Show your audience you’ve listened using DIGIDECK to understand their preferences and automating your content.

Ticketing Solutions Across Your Entire Club

In a virtual world, automation capabilities and intelligent integrations make your entire ticketing team better.

Membership Sales:

  • Generate new season ticket members with customized presentations that capture interests in real-time.
  • Automate renewal campaigns to communicate custom renewal details with your fans in a turnkey way.

Group Sales:

  • Facilitate group sales conversations in one central location reaching audiences across households and states with easy link sharing and follow-up.

Event Invitations:

  • Deliver details such as “know before you go” info, digital brochures or programs


Wasting Time That Could Be Spent Selling: Your ticket reps spend hours building proposals for each prospective member wasting the time they have instead of doing what’s actually most impactful: selling.


Save Time With Automated Processes:
Automate your entire customized ticketing proposal experience instantly capturing member’s interests anytime without a rep present.

"Analytics have given our team insight into how quickly and often our prospects are viewing our presentations."

DIGIDECK has provided our sales and service staff with a turnkey, intuitive, engaging and customizable tool to use for sales proposals, renewal conversations and annual recaps with current and prospective premium partners. Additionally, the backend analytics have given our team insight into how quickly and often our prospects are viewing our presentations.
-Rob Sullivan SVP, Madison Square Garden
Premium Sales & Service

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