DIGIDECK’s presentation platform gives your team the ability to generate more leads, increase conversions, and automate next steps based on your prospects’ interests – all within one platform.

What Sets DIGIDECK Apart?

To start, every DIGIDECK is custom-made to each company so no two DIGIDECKs are the same. Stand out from the crowd of presentation platforms and go beyond just creating pretty presentations.

Instant Engagement

Save your Sales teams and prospects time with DIGIDECK LIVE. Your sellers can receive email alerts that their presentation is being viewed and use that as an opportunity to chat or video-conference with their prospects right in the presentation.


Let your presentation analytics inform your sales team who is looking at the presentation and when. Or let the data tell Marketing what content is or isn’t resonating with your audience.


Generate more revenue, demo requests and leads for your Sales teams with simple forms and faster response times, resulting in a better overall audience experience.

Seamless Integrations

We integrated many of your favorite technologies and platforms with DIGIDECK to enable you to get the most out of your tech stack. Whether you want to customize your presentations with information in Salesforce (or your CRM) or record video calls with Gong, we have an integration for you.


Though most well-known for bringing sales presentations to the next level, DIGIDECK is used in many different capacities such as pitching sponsorships, generating demand, and fundraising.

Click the ‘+’ buttons below to walk through a typical sales presentation process with DIGIDECK. 

The presentation creation process begins as soon as your salesperson opens DIGIDECK via Salesforce or a browser. Pre-made slides are chosen by either answering a simple questionnaire or individually selecting from a library of branded slides.

Once the presentation has been created, your salesperson can customize slides to better resonate with their audience using the drag-n-drop editor. Text, images, videos, and more can be changed in seconds.

After all the finishing touches are added, the DIGIDECK is ready for virtual or in-person presentation. No wifi? No problem – the DIGIDECK platform will ensure they can still present. 

Keep the conversation going by following up with the URL. File size is never an issue with DIGIDECK’s cloud-based presentations.

Now that your prospect has access to the presentation, they can open and view it anytime. Real–time alerts via email, Slack or other preferred communication tool prompt your salesperson to open the presentation (on their phone, computer, or tablet) and start chatting with the prospect right away.  

Based on DIGIDECK’s analytics, your salesperson knows what content their audience needs and can follow-up accordingly. Or, if Salesforce or your CRM is integrated with DIGIDECK, follow-up emails and other actions can all be automated. 

Click here to see how DIGIDECK generates more leads and increases conversion rates. 

"DIGIDECK has significantly upgraded our premium presentation capabilities."

Gone are the days of dated creative and inconsistent messaging. DIGIDECK has provided our sales and service staff with a turnkey, intuitive, engaging, and customizable tool to use for sales proposals, renewal conversations, and annual recaps with current and prospective premium partners.
-Rob Sullivan, Madison Square Garden
SVP of Premium Sales and Services

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