DIGIDECK’s presentation platform gives your team the ability to generate more leads, increase conversions, and automate next steps based on your prospects’ interests – all within one platform.

What Sets DIGIDECK Apart?

DIGIDECK is so much more than just another presentation platform. Organizations of all shapes and sizes utilize DIGIDECK to provide first-class ticketing experiences, boost sales efficiency, streamline marketing automation and more.

Instant Engagement

There’s no time like the present. Get alerted the second your presentation is viewed and take the opportunity to instantly chat or video-conference with your audience directly in the platform with DIGIDECK LIVE.

Actionable Analytics

Let your presentation data do the talking. Knowing who’s viewing and engaging with your content can help you identify what is or isn’t resonating to help craft the perfect follow-up and show an elevated level of care and expertise.

Capture More Information

Generate more leads and revenue with easy forms and faster response times. DIGIDECK Capture analyzes audience inputs to create and deploy an individually curated presentation just minutes after they submit the form.

Seamless Integrations

DIGIDECK’s open architecture makes it simple to work smarter, not harder by operating within Salesforce, HubSpot or any preferred CRM. Or, perfect your message using DIGIDECK AI Assist or humanize your content with video


Each DIGIDECK is custom made by experienced designers and brand experts who bring your story to life in the best possible way. This customization ensures you’ll never submit a proposal using the same template as your competitors.

Once your DIGIDECK has been finalized, you’ll be excited to show it off using the 5 simple steps outlined below.

Click the ‘+’ buttons below to see how easy it is to build, share and track a DIGIDECK presentation. 

Creating your presentation or proposal begins as soon as you open DIGIDECK via Salesforce or a browser. Then, choose the slides most applicable to your needs by either answering a simple questionnaire or individually selecting from a library of branded slides.

Once your presentation has been created, you can customize your content to better resonate with your intended audience. Tools like DIGIDECK AI Assist, Layout Manager and the Template Store help you update text, images, videos, and more with just a few simple prompts.

Once you’ve added all the finishing touches, it’s time to deliver your content. Because DIGIDECK is a cloud-based platform and presentations are sent via url, presenting virtually or in-person is easier than ever. Plus, potential issues such as wifi availability or file size are a thing of the past!

Once your audience has the presentation url, they can open and view it anytime. Real–time alerts via email, Slack or other preferred communication tool let you know exactly when that happens, prompting you to open the presentation on any device and start a conversation.  

In addition to those prompts, DIGIDECK analytics track the content that most resonates with your audience, allowing you to follow-up accordingly. Take it a step further by integrating your CRM and automating your follow-up emails and other actions.

DIGIDECK Design + Brand Services Teams

One of the biggest benefits of using DIGIDECK is the exclusive access to our experienced Design and Brand Services teams. Whether you know exactly how you want your DIGIDECK to look or you have no idea, we’ll make it happen.

Content Planning

Presentation Creation

Creative Enhancements

Take Your Tech Stack to the Next Level

Make the most of your current tech stack by connecting existing software and applications with DIGIDECK. Because DIGIDECK is cloud-based, we can connect with virtually any software out there so if you don’t see it listed, send us a note in the chat bubble. We’ll let you know if we can make it happen!

  • Trigger workflows such as automated emails or tasks based on presentation opens/views
  • Create, customize and send a DIGIDECK without leaving your CRM
  • Humanize and enhance your proposals with integrated video apps

Go Further with Better Analytics

DIGIDECK doesn’t have all the answers but our analytics can sure make your sales and marketing approach a lot easier for you.

Sales Made Simple

  • Instant notifications when your presentation is opened help secure your first place spot in line 
  • Slides viewed and slide view time narrows down exactly what peaks their interest and gives you an advantage during follow-up
  • See what resonates and what doesn’t to adjust course and stay ahead of the game

Leaders Love DIGIDECK Analytics

  • Easily manage your team’s progress and results with DIGIDECK’s reporting
  • Auto-generated graphs allow you to instantly see the number of presentations created over a selected period of time
  • Quickly compare weekly, monthly, quarterly or across campaigns

"DIGIDECK has significantly upgraded our premium presentation capabilities."

“Gone are the days of dated creative and inconsistent messaging. DIGIDECK has provided our sales and service staff with a turnkey, intuitive, engaging, and customizable tool to use for sales proposals, renewal conversations, and annual recaps with current and prospective premium partners.”

– Rob Sullivan, Madison Square Garden
SVP of Premium Sales and Services

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