3 Ways Marketing Teams Can Use Sales Enablement Tools

An important dynamic in any organization is understanding the value of sales and marketing uniting together to achieve revenue growth. With digital interaction on the continuous rise, building relationships with personalized, curated content is top of mind for revenue-generating teams to sell smarter and faster. In this article, we will uncover 3 ways that your marketing team can gain value from your sales enablement tools & platform.

Personalization is Key

The uptick of virtual events over the past 12 months has changed the trade show and meeting atmosphere indefinitely. Zoom and video conferencing will forevermore be a part of enterprise organizations. With a digital transformation a top priority, continuing to empower your marketing and sales teams to create personalized communications is more important than ever. 

“80% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase when brands offer personalized experiences,” according to Hubspot. Giving your marketing team the power to personalize sales pitch presentations with ease helps create trusted relationships between prospects and your sales team. 

Marketing teams are equipped with Digideck to cultivate personalized presentations through partnerships with Salesforce and Hubspot. Pulling in CRM data such as first name, job position, and branding powers salespeople with marketing-approved sales presentations anytime, anywhere. 

Brand Consistency With Ease

During the sales process, your marketing team needs to feel confident that your brand and organization are presented in a professional, accurately branded way. According to Forbes, “color improves brand recognition by up to 80%.” That is huge. Giving your marketing team access to tools that create ease and efficiency with brand updates is extremely important to limit discrepancies with your sales team. 

Many sales and marketing presentation platforms partner with organizations that provide tools to help with overall brand consistency.  If your revenue teams use Canva Business, you are enabling them to easily create, store, and save brand colors, fonts, and logos to stop incorrect branding across departments. Plus,

your marketing team has brand control and the ability to lock elements, save templates, and approve workflows. Digideck partners with Canva making these tasks seamlessly available in one platform. 

Content With Value

Storing and sharing the right content, at the right time, to the right audience can be a quick and easy task. With the right sales and marketing platform, your marketing team will be able to simply upload customized content, store, and share with ease of access to your sales team. Finding a pitch and proposal presentation platform that empowers your team with these capabilities is a must. 

For example, embedding a form on your website with valuable questions to your audience will increase engagement. Once you are able to capture a prospects preferences, automatically creating a presentation just got easier. Digideck offers partnerships with Type form integrations. Type forms will seamlessly deploy a tailored presentation based on your prospects’ selections within the website form. Never again provide a presentation that is not valuable to your audience with Digideck.