Content Tailored to Audience Preferences with Digideck

Tailored Content

The DigiKnow Series focuses on highlighting Digideck value along with functionality, helping organizations enhance their overall selling experience.

In 2021 personalized, tailored content is crucial to stand out amongst your competitors and leave a lasting impression. As consumers are more informed and more empowered than ever before, it is essential to understand their challenges and goals and stop using generic content. According to Hubspot, “creating personalized experiences throughout the buyer’s journey is what will turn leads into customers and customers into loyal brand advocates.” 

Sell Smarter: Share Relevant Content

Personalization Through CRM Integrations

Digideck’s partnership with Salesforce gives organizations the power to capture information and gain insights before a first conversation. Salesforce automatically pushes contact & company data such as name, title, and industry allowing you to tailor content and messaging in your presentation to their interests. For example, if you were speaking with a chief marketing officer their main objective would be lead generation versus someone in sales who would be looking to increase revenue. Personalized messaging gains trust faster while solidifying a stronger relationship. 

Easily Capture Prospects Interests

Instead of approaching prospects via email or LinkedIn messaging, allow them to find out more about your organization with the use of type forms. Integrate a type form on your website that highlights a few simple questions. Once selected, a custom Digideck presentation will populate providing relevant content fit to the audience’s needs without having to commit to a face-to-face conversation. 

Fast Digideck Presentations Make an Impact

Presentation Flows

The Digideck platform has multiple selections when it comes to creating presentations from your Master Deck. With Digideck’s guided selling presentation flow, your organization admin produces simple multiple-choice questions to fill out as the seller.. Select which options best fit the audience’s needs, goals, and challenges to create tailored presentations in seconds. 

On the other hand, preselects are prebuilt presentations by your sales or marketing team. Preselect presentation flows allow your company to have a variety of presentations based on vertical, products, services, or solutions pre-loaded and ready to go for prospecting. Both of these presentation tools save your sales and marketing teams time from creating new presentations. Create the perfect, custom presentation in minutes while getting rid of boring presentations altogether. 

Constant Up-to-Date, Refreshed Content

Along with sharing tailored content geared towards the audience’s preferences and goals, Digideck keeps content consistently updated and accurate. Allowing sales and marketing teams to successfully align and work together to shorten sales cycles and increase revenue.  Digideck enables your marketing team with a global updates feature. Global updates allow your marketing team to continuously develop new content at any time, right inside your master deck. Find confidence knowing that every new presentation created will always include the latest version of content.