Proactively Engaging Prospects with Digideck

Proactively Engaging Prospects with Digideck


The DigiKnow Series focuses on highlighting Digideck value along with functionality, helping organizations enhance their overall selling experience.

Being proactive versus reactive is the key to a successful sales strategy. According to Hubspot, “Taking a proactive approach to each prospect you engage can help you connect with prospects in a way that leads to more closed-won deals. Why? Potential customers want to know that they can trust you and the business you represent.” Here are three ways Digideck helps you proactively engage with prospects. 

Take Action with Digideck


With your company’s Master Deck, you can create custom, personalized presentations in minutes. Don’t wait for a prospect to request time with you! Share a Digideck presentation anytime from anywhere for prospects to view at their convenience. Once a presentation is shared, you can continue to make live updates to content and proactively attach additional content that they showed interest in. 

Real-Time Connections


Digideck keeps your team up-to-date when candidates are engaging with the presentation sent to them. Once a prospect opens their presentation, your sellers are immediately alerted. They can view which parts of the presentation that potential client has engaged with the most and for how long. Thus giving you the engagement opportunity to email or call on the content that stood out to them. 

Along with real-time notifications, sellers can chat directly within a Digideck presentation. By proactively connecting and answering any questions, you will be able to gain their trust faster and further build your connection. Smart selling. 

Instantly Meet & Chat within Digideck


Virtual experiences and engagements are trending buzzwords in 2021 and in our digital world, the new norm. Enter: Digideck LIVE. With our latest addition, you can video chat and meet within your customized presentation. Start meetings quickly with your prospects by utilizing a shareable URL. This link equips salespeople with a meeting room where prospects can ask questions and engage in dialogue instead of waiting around for days for a follow-up. Digideck’s Speaker Spotlight allows for users to put their video feed directly on the presentation itself and isolate the speaker for more visibility.

Digideck LIVE allows you to be prompt, take charge, and skip the zoom invite. Want to find out more about Digideck LIVE’s features? Click here to watch our exclusive live client training.