The Numbers Don’t Lie: Inside DIGIDECK’s Presentation Software

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We’ve got dozens of case studies—tons of work samples—and a good deal of information about our product online.

But, what’s been more eye-opening for our clients than anything? We didn’t just build a digital sales + marketing platform—we use it, too. Our key metrics reflect that.

We’re covering our top 4 sales and marketing metrics and introducing you to the team that made it happen. You’ll get concrete answers with real-world practicality.

Closed-Won Stats Beat The Average Using Digideck LIVE

Saying Hi to Our Sales Team

Griffin Moodie, SDR

As an SDR, Griffin spends his days prospecting in the B2B space looking for businesses that could be a match for the DIGIDECK, using tech every step of the way. He builds custom presentations, sends links, video messages, etc., along with marketing-approved sample work to clients:

“I just need them to see the product in action and get a real feel for it. Fifteen to twenty minutes in DIGIDECK—that’s about all it takes to move someone forward in the cycle.”

Teams Using Digideck LIVE Create Presentations 10X Faster

On average, everyone on our sales team is making about ten presentations a month. Our research shows presentation requests are 7x more likely to be successful within an hour of responding. Griffin believes the usability of Master Deck is one of the keys that keep the team quick to market:

“With our Master Deck, any custom presentation is 80-90% ready to go with just a few clicks and a couple of minutes. From the Master Deck, you pull the slides and content you need quickly and easily, or you can auto-populate a deck using a preselected option.”

Overall, Griffin’s favorite feature as an SDR is DIGIDECK LIVE. He’s able to chat, live stream + co-present with his audience directly while eliminating lag time:

“If you're a business and you're trying to drive people to your website, you ultimately want to keep them there, and you want them to remain on your website. DIGIDECK LIVE has all of its virtual communication built-in—you're not asking people to go elsewhere. You’re keeping them entirely within the platform.”

Video Conferencing In Action

Make Way for Marketing

As DIGIDECK’s Brand Manager, Krista is a critical player in our B2B strategy. She was integral in developing our brand’s Master Deck and digital library. If it’s got something to do with who we are as a company and how we present ourselves to the world, Krista is involved. Chances are, she built the custom presentation for it, too.

As the DIGIDECK sales team uses LIVE to interface with clients, marketing uses the same communication tools internally. The instant feedback from team members lets the marketing teamwork with an Agile mindset:

“I would say we’re working in DIGIDECK LIVE more than ever. With slide notes and the ability to tag users, our lead designer can say, ‘Krista, this design is done but needs marketing-approved copy.’ And then, we build it out in a couple of minutes.” 

She believes that the Master Deck is a primary driver for companies to leave PowerPoint for a digital platform:
“Marketing teams use DIGIDECK at their organizations to lock down their brand’s look + feel of their content in sales and beyond. They feel confident that their sales teams are only pulling from pre-approved templates and slides in their collateral.”

Digideck LIVE lets you build out interactive content that converts

Over four years, Krista’s built hundreds of presentations and pieces of marketing collateral, and she credits a low learning curve with the department’s success:

“I would say honestly, after using it only three to five times, I felt pretty confident I could build out any marketing materials we’d need. I think it’s pretty user-friendly.”

If a piece of collateral needs a boost, a custom presentation is the best course of action:

“We have tons of different campaigns that we use DIGIDECK as the medium. Our marketing collateral will take prospects to custom presentations because they’re the most powerful way to get a prospect engaged.”

Mobile Presentation with DIGIDECK LIVE

Not only does DIGIDECK LIVE work on your desktop, we’re the market-leader in optimized presentations for mobile. Build, share, and engage all from your mobile device.

Digital Presentations: Behind The Metrics

Overall, July’s numbers reflect our team’s quick adoption of DIGIDECK LIVE, and the versatility that it gives its users.

  • Closing 49% of your prospects can be game-changing for companies’ KPIs.
  • Taking back 31% of your workweek from building PowerPoints sets you apart.
  • Building content that converts 67% more marketing leads builds your pipeline.
  • Staying on-brand for a lifetime of presentations is crucial.

Doing it all, in one platform, with DIGIDECK LIVE works for us. We want to show you how.

These are just the basic stats—if you want the authentic, nitty-gritty details on how we make it possible, get in touch.


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