Streamlined Presentations with DIGIDECK & KORE CRM Integration

Elevate your sponsorship management and communication with the powerful and proven DIGIDECK & KORE Sponsorship integration. This seamless solution empowers you to effortlessly generate impactful presentations directly from your KORE Dealsheets, saving time and ensuring accuracy of every activation or conversation.

Connect With Supported CRM Platforms

The DIGIDECK & KORE Sponsorship integration seamlessly works with both Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics CRM, providing flexibility for your existing technology stack.

Automated Sponsorship Presentations

Create branded presentations in seconds, eliminating manual data entry and streamlining workflows.

Dynamic Content Integration

Pull in essential information from Dealsheets, including logos, rights, terms, and pricing, for clear and compelling presentations all from one single tab

Increased Efficiency

Focus on strategic initiatives while DIGIDECK automatically generates customized presentations for sponsors.

Enhanced Accuracy

Eliminate errors and ensure information consistency across presentations and Dealsheets.

Improved Communication

Deliver professional and data-driven presentations that impress sponsors and build trust.

Real-World Applications

Generate accurate and visually engaging recaps for sponsors, showcasing value delivered.

Create impactful presentations that onboard new partners quickly and effectively.

Tailor proposals to specific prospects based on their industry, budget, and preferences.

Deliver timelines, important specs, and specific partnership information when new partners come on board.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the integration work with both Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics?

Yes, the integration is fully compatible with both platforms.

Can I update existing presentations with new information?

Currently, the integration only populates data when creating new presentations. You can still manually update existing presentations or create a new one linked to the same Dealsheet.

How do I ensure I'm sending the final version of a presentation?

It’s recommended to always create a new presentation for sending or edit existing ones manually for complete control.

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